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Ahmed Khalfan Yasin owner of MK Fashion Brands and MK Barbershop is at it again! This time spotted with the international pop star Maluma

Ahmed Khalfan YasinAhmed Khalfan Yasin

Maluma happened to make a stop in Dubai before finishing his 2020 world tour. While in Dubai Maluma had the opportunity to conduct a photo-shoot for GQ Middle East’s March cover. Of course, every photo shoot has a list of names when it comes to essential for stylist, makeup, set designer, and hairstylist. When it came down to selecting the hairstylist of course Khalfan Yasin’s shop MK Barbershop was the only one to consider to ensure Maluma had the correct look to represent himself and the highly fashionable middle east culture. 

Yasin a global concierge, lifestyle specialist, and entrepreneur continues to master the UAE scene effortlessly and ensuring his business and brands always stay relevant to today’s times. No task or connection that needs to be made is to difficult for Khalfan; as he continues to show the world what the “ #AKLifeStyle” is all about.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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