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Ahsan Sharif: This Businessman turned Actor is making Movies on Social Cause

It is said that when you go on a quest to achieve your dreams, everything that comes in your way becomes a part of your resources. That is what the ancient wisdom is. Well, we all have learnt to grow and evolve with time understanding what we are truly capable of and where is our north star? Some find their true calling early while some find it later in their lives. Ahsan Sharif is a Hyderabad-based businessman turned actor who found his true calling in acting and went on to pursue that field.

One of the most sought-after modern-day philosopher, Naval Ravikant says that Specialisation is for insects and we humans can become a generalist and do multiple things at a time. We can choose different field and be good at most of these. Ahsan Sharif followed the same path that a generalist would follow. He completed his MBA first and then, joined his family business. He made a name for himself there as well as he made his family business more successful but his passion was somewhere else and that is movies and so he went on to pursue that career. His movies are based on social cause and what we would like to call educational movies which will give you some values after you finish watching those movies.

“Cinema as an artform is a great communicator. In fact, it is the biggest artform out of all as it involves a combination of them all. Cinema introduces you to a new reality and I wanted to showcase that in my movies. I met director Vikram Narla through our common friends and while talking I got to know how our interests our similar and soon, we started our project, UNLIMITED which is a movie based on Feminism. The movie is in its post-production stage and will release globally at the end of this year.

Ahsan Sharif is the go-to guy for many people who want to start their movie business and need insights specially when it comes to the movies with educational theme. He is not very active on social media and instead believes in working hard on the ground and getting hands dirty. The movie UNLIMITED has great potential as it talks about the issues women face in their lives as it starts a healthy discussion for the viewers. The movie will get released in 7 languages. To be a part of his journey you can follow his Instagram handle @ahsansharif_official. We wish Ahsan Sharif, Vikram Narla all the best for Unlimited and their future projects.

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