Ahteshaam Hublikar, a 26 year old Biomedical Engineer and MBA, Now A Food Blogger

Ahteshaam Hubilkar, a 26 year old Biomedical Engineer and MBA, passed out from DY Patil college, turned towards his passion,…

Ahteshaam Hublikar, a 26 year old Biomedical Engineer and MBA, Now A Food Blogger

Ahteshaam Hubilkar, a 26 year old Biomedical Engineer and MBA, passed out from DY Patil college, turned towards his passion, food and has become one amazing food blogger today. His love for food and trying new cuisines has evolved since his college days. He was always keen to try new things and wanted to explore something new everyday. His Instagram is filled with mouth watering pictures of amazing cuisines and restaurants he has visited during his journey of blogging. 

AhteshaamÂs family has always been his support system. He says and believes that ÂFamily serves as a major role in their childrenÂs lives. Their career development and helping them through their journey and being supportive towards their children is what parents need to do. My parents have supported me in every decision IÂve made and loved me for whatever IÂve achieved. Supportive and loving parents are the most important essence in someoneÂs life.

His day begins with a nice workout and post workout breakfast. He completes his work by late afternoon so he can have proper spare time to conduct his shoots for brands. His working time is quite flexible but he never wastes any minute. HeÂs always into doing something or the other and tends to keep himself busy. He believes that ÂIf one wants to achieve and grow, they should never let any minute pass by without doing something productive. I keep myself busy, keep pushing myself into doing more and more and I tend to climb the steps towards success and growth everyday. What a true motivator, isnÂt he?

From a part time food blogger he became a full time influencer now and as an influencer he promoted and worked for more than 100 brands over these years. Then he also started promoting movies such as Street Dancer 3D, Panipat, and Suryavanshi etc and in political campaigns for Rajasthan and Jaipur government. I have also worked for web series with Zee 5, Alt Balaji and Amazon Prime.

Upon being asked how men/women fashion has evolved over the years, he to the point answered the question saying; ÂSocial media has had a dramatic impact on the fashion industry. It has changed the way of styling largely. WomenÂs fashion has largely evolved over the years with mix and matching and chic looks. While menÂs fashion has been neglected with the thinking that men donÂt care about fashion. Although over the past few years, menÂs fashion has evolved and found its way towards growing with now; leather wear, pastel colours, mix and matching and bare ankles. The way this man has described fashion considering todayÂs generation is commendable. His thinking and the way he has evolved himself as well in the field of fashion and now acknowledging the mass with the same is truly amazing. 

There are plenty of lessons one learns through his journey in whatever field one goes to. Ahteshaam has learned some valuable lessons with his years of hard work and through his journey as a blogger. Quoting him; ÂBeing a blogger means you have to make sure that the mass around you are happy with you and your work. But IÂve learned that I need to keep myself happy and at peace too. While youÂre trying to make others happy, make sure one of them is you. Make yourself happy. Keep checking up on yourself often. Make sure you are doing what makes you happy and confronting the mistakes that you make and correcting them as well. Keep checking up on yourself and your mental state. Keep yourself and your mind at ease and peace first before you try to do the same for yourself. This is something which we all need to learn and know. Being there for yourself is so important. 

A little something for the readers from Ahteshaam; ÂWe need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes. But what we need to understand is that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success. Failures are important for one to face, itÂs only us whether we defeat failure or let failure defeat us.Â

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