Akshit Puri, fitness enthusiast who has been source of inspiration during pandemic

A majority of the people are fond of ripped abs, big muscles, and a broad chest but what they don’t…

Akshit Puri, fitness enthusiast who has been source of inspiration during pandemic

A majority of the people are fond of ripped abs, big muscles, and a broad chest but what they donÂt know is that it takes a lot of sweat to achieve this feat. In order to get a lean and fit body, people are even ready to travel an extra mile. Some are battling gluttony while some are even ready to give up the intake of alcohol just to look good. People have always been careless when it comes to having a proper diet and doing regular exercises in order to remain fit but since the emergence of Covid, a lot of them seem to have realized the importance of staying healthy.

With changing times, the fitness industry has also evolved a lot and went into a complete transformation. With the emergence of technology and the growing popularity of the internet, the times of diving into magazines for tips have become history. Now more and more people are shifting towards online platforms for sharing and consuming fitness-related content. One such big name is Akshit Puri who has motivated a lot of youth in building a healthy and fit body through his blogging videos. Following the growing online trend, Akshit is a fitness freak who has been successful in utilizing the potential of digital space and helping people with unique and insightful content.

Akshit Puri who hails from a respectable family in New Delhi has always been passionate about fitness since his teens but had a lot of interest in the business industry as well. He along with his family moved to New York 4 years ago for better future opportunities and business aspects. Through his hard work and inbuilt entrepreneurial skills, he helped his father in expanding his business and established a strong brand around the business.

Following his success as an entrepreneur, he wanted to do something in the fitness domain. Since his college days, he was drawn towards actors and bodybuilders who had a good physique and even wanted to be one amongst them. He started hitting the gym and maintaining a healthy diet from a very young age in order to achieve his dream of a fantastic body. As they say ÂHard Work Pays OffÂ, Akshit too got rewards for his hard work and he achieved a fabulous body. However, it was in 2019 that he decided to take his hobby and transform it into a brand that gave him a completely unique identity.

ÂFitness Freak is not just a buzzword but an emerging trend. A lot of people want to be fit in order to stay healthy but unfortunately, they donÂt have any idea how to get tips related to building a good physique. Catering to this and understanding the need to help people with insightful content on attaining a good body, Akshit Puri started his journey as a blogger. To motivate and guide youngsters, he started posting fitness-related videos on his Instagram handle, and within a short span, he got huge traction. Currently, he is having nearly a lakh followers on his official Instagram account- akshitpuri.fit.

Akshit regularly uploads his videos and they have been a game-changer for a lot of his followers. These videos focus on different aspects of bodybuilding and are edited by Akshit himself in order to provide the best shots and information to his followers. Talking about his success and his vision, the fitness enthusiast says, ÂI am happy to be inspiring and motivating people to attain the perfect body they want. I realized that through my videos I can help people by providing them tips that are beneficial for them and with gyms being closed during the pandemic, my videos are a source of knowledge for thousands of people who want to work out at the comfort of their homes.Â

Akshit Puri has been creating a stride in the fitness industry through his new methods. Besides being an entrepreneur, he is a hardcore fitness enthusiast who has been able to build a name for himself through his quality content that has transformed the lives of lakhs of people.

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