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Al Meer foundation helps Nalanda Breathe

When the entire nation, including the state of Bihar, was gasping for breath, many helping hands came together to assuage…

Al Meer foundation helps Nalanda Breathe

When the entire nation, including the state of Bihar, was gasping for breath, many helping hands came together to assuage people’s suffering in all the ways possible. While some supported monetarily, the others were physically braving all the odds and danger ensued by the pandemic.  

While people were trying to minimize the number of deaths, several other non-profit organizations (NGOs) worked to better the entire situation, including mitigating the scarcity of Oxygen availability to providing rations and assisting helpless people in finding medicines and hospital beds. 

One such NGO is the Al- Meer Welfare Foundation, which contributed to providing free Oxygen Cylinders to the COVID patients in Nalanda. From the moment the pandemic outbroke  they have supported 500 patients till now. The unfortunate and untimely demise of a patient in Bihar Sharif due to the lack of oxygen  made the foundation start delivering Oxygen Cylinders at the doorsteps of those in need. 

The company runs under the three meritorious directors Md. Saddam Hussain, Monazir Hassan and Mashooque Alam. The foundation has also been trying to contribute to society in many other ways possible such as frequently organizing blood donation camps, medical camps, to name a few. 

Director Md. Saddam Hussain added, “It is easy for many of us to show some concern toward the helplessness. But, it takes an immense amount of courage, hard work, dedication, and most importantly, a kind heart to stand for those in need. We are doing but need your cooperation.”

Al meer foundation, a paradigm of selfless work, has been working extensively for more than a year. Its comprehensive programs in health, environment, education reach out to the underprivileged segment and alleviating differences. Al meer foundation and its tireless team with noble reverences have helped our society in a tough time and emerging as one of the finest organizations in Bihar with its selfless work without intending to stop. It has many volunteers working to address social causes such as disaster relief, environmental, social, health, clothes, and blankets for the needy.

Amid a distressing and challenging time, when the country was severely affected by the 2nd wave, we witnessed a continuous spike in oxygen demand.

Al meer has come forth to decrease the burden of hospitals and covid care centres. One of the members, Saddam Hussain said, ÂNot everyone can be admitted to the hospitals. When patients are not very critical but require oxygen on doctor’s recommendation, in such cases, they seek help, and Al meer, with its tireless team, stepped up. He also further added sometimes he got the call from hospitals, and we cater their supplies also.

As every living creatures on this planet depends on nature for sustenance, environmental protection has become more important than anything. It is not about food, cloth, and shelter. It’s much more beyond that. To stop ecological degradation resulting from pollution and deforestation, the present generation’s responsibility is to protect the environment so that our future generation gets a better planet to live on. Al meer has come forward and planted more saplings, trying better drainage, creating awareness for afforestation.

They run a campaign against the use of plastics and other non-degradable things. They are carrying a plantation drive and getting good mileage from authority. 

Adding up, whenever there is any blood requirement that the blood bank in the city fails to meet the expectations, AM takes it on the front foot and arranges blood for the needy. Al meer is fully dedicated with its enthusiastic team to stop the rampant loss of lives due to an untimely shortfall of blood. It organizes a blood donation camp and works on a helpline where people could call directly and get the blood at the right time.