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Alongside ESG, Floreal Tower by Orris Infrastructure offers liable property

Floreal Tower by Orris Infrastructure offers liable property Floreal Tower by Orris Infrastructure offers liable property

The illiquid nature, long-term time horizon and potential social and environmental impacts of infrastructure projects influence ESG considerations in the space. Practitioners who recognize these nuances, leverage industry guidelines and make their ESG strategies fit for purpose are better positioned to manage ESG opportunities and risks. Orris Infrastructure understands that in construction projects, investing environmental, social, and governance issues are critical considerations and hence, offer a good combination of ESG and infrastructure. 

Orris Group is diversified into real estate, entertainment, Warehousing Parks, hospitality and education. They believe in delivering spaces that inspire life, spaces infused with luxury and affordability in conjunction. Whether it is architecture, design, conceptualizing residencies or commercial townships, the team at Orris Infrastructure works dedicatedly to deliver the best projects possible.

To be successful in the field of infrastructure, Orris Infrastructure looks at the lifetime impacts and benefits of the ESG scheme in terms of water, energy, and local communities. This is applied in their projects from the earliest conception, that is to communicate at point zero and incorporation of sustainable design in the project development or process. It continues to be important right through to the operational phase in order to maintain social licence, operating margins and investment value, particularly if an exit is considered.

For instance, Floreal Towers which is situated at the heart of Gurgaon in sector 83 is a commercial project by the Vijay Gupta Orris. The project is a mixed outcome of appropriate space for office as well as retail and entertainment. The massive project portrays an intelligent architecture project which is spread across seven acres and is certified as a green building. Located on the NH-8, the structure is only an 18 minute drive from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Additionally, a metro station is proposed close-by making commuting to the building a breeze. 

ESG in broadest sense covers environmental, social and governance issues. But perception regarding details of the meaning and focus areas can vary. ESG investing often refers to sustainable or responsible investments, which seek positive returns and a long-term impact on society, and/or the environment and performance of a business. By primarily focusing on project-level implementation of ESG management, Floreal Towers is a part of a finance model for infrastructure assets. It is a climate resilient property which marks the top green target of the Indian real estate industry. 

It offers a million square feet of prime commercial space. Well-designed lobbies made of granite and marble are impressive and grand. Each tower has central air conditioning and access to purified water. With an enormous food court and numerous cares and dining establishments spread through the facility, it is easy to relax while working and shopping here. 

It has CCTV, high floor efficiency, well-furnished lobbies, modern safety and security measures, video door security, entrance lobby. 

The projects at Orris Infrastructure aim to provide a view on key trends and challenges surrounding ESG for infrastructure funds, implications of different ESG ratings, ESG considerations in the investment cycle and credit ratings considerations, in addition to considering the outlook for ESG in the infrastructure sector and response to key issues impacting the infrastructure funds.

Gradually, ESG is shifting from a CSR (corporate social responsibilities) initiative to a key component in decision making and is getting integrated with the developer and investor goals. The responsibility of the real estate developers to comply with ESG is no longer limited towards the regulators, investors and lenders. The tenants would also expect a certain level of energy efficiency and sustainability given their commitment towards the net zero ambition. 

By TIS Staffer
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