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Amit Kumar Dixit: A Connoisseur and patron of the culture that built us

Amit Kumar Dixit

Cultural events, local drama, story, song and music portrayals have been a very important part of the country’s regional and national entertainment and literature spectrums. While street dramas and plays have seen a significant downfall over the last few years, people like Shri Amit Kumar Dixit have successfully given sustained continuity,  stability and value to the Indian drama events and literature space. He is the cultural organizer of the RangManch.

Born to a business family, Amit Kumar did not really inherit art and it is only due to sheer persistence, hard-work and authenticity that he has managed to become one of the top most artists in India.

Amit Kumar Dixit contributes a number of arts to Lucknow’s RangManch: he sings, writes plays, directs them and even acts in numerous local and national story enactments and songs. His writing, lyrics and songs are recorded in a number of audio cassettes available to the public. Amit Kumar’s artistic glory is not only restricted to Lucknow’s RangManch but also expands over a number of regional and national art festivals and events like Bharat Rang Mohatsav, Taj Mohatsav, Rajasthan Mohatsav, Patna Mohatsav, Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur, Banaras Nautanki Mohatsav and Kathak Samaroh. Apart from this, Amit Kumar is also the writer of a weekly magazine which hopes to spread awareness and give implementable solutions on social evils prevalent in today’s date. Having achieved widespread recognition as an extremely talented and dedicated artist, Amit Kumar Dixit was invited as a guest on the Bole UP program of both Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Doordarshan.

One of the main purposes of Amit Kumar Dixit as a recognized Indian artist and performer is to keep the spirit of drama and storytelling alive. In an informal discussion on the same, he said, “The youth is increasingly being drawn away from dramas and local plays. Digital forms of entertainment have a huge role to play here. One of my aims is to make authentic literature and cultural influence in the form of local street dramas and enactments available to the youth again.”

Amit Kumar Dixit says that his mother is the constant source of inspiration for him. She has been forever supportive in all his endeavours and ideas.

Amit is also associated with a number of Government and Non Government organizations. He has given more than 500 presentations and performances at various popular and recognized national and regional cultural events which promote India’s literature, diversity and inclusiveness. In the drama field, Amit Kumar Singh was given a reputed scholarship by the Government of India.

A truly remarkable and authentic artist, musician and performer – Amit Kumar Dixit is continuing to add beautiful colors of innovation and art in the Indian drama and storytelling space.

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By TIS Staffer
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