AMS Inform Refines the Indian Background Checking Market

AMS InformAMS Inform is home to a myriad range of background verification services.

Over the past few years, the region of Asia-Pacific has registered an unprecedented economic growth rate due to several initiatives. Digital India, StartUpIndia, globalization, and digital adaptation have pushed a country like India to become the epicenter of large-scale economic growth and corporate expansion. As a response to this rapid growth, employers are also realizing the importance of hiring candidates with a background check as a risk-mitigating tool. AMS Inform is a tech-driven background screening service that provides reliable background checks on both domestic and global scales.

India and the Need for Background Screening

An AuthBridge report states that eight out of 100 candidates were misled or misinformed in their job applications in 2020. According to the same report, the IT sector witnessed the highest discrepancy in employee verification at 16.60 percent during the same period. As a result, more and more Indian companies are relying on strict pre-employment verification to ensure the safety of their new hires. Without a background screening protocol in place, they can put their business operations, workplace, and reputation at considerable risk. Santosh Kumar, the Founder of AMS Inform, as a visionary business leader, identified the future possibilities of background screening and established the background screening firm back in 1986.

AMS Inform offers the fastest and most accurate background verification to Indian businesses leveraging their proprietary technology and human intelligence. AuthBridge, in its sixth annual trend report, said that the healthcare sector had the second-highest discrepancy at 12 percent whereas in retail, BFSI, and pharma the discrepancy was 10.22 percent, 9.76 percent, and 9.22 percent respectively. In this scenario, AMS Inform holds the capacity of assisting background verification processes for a wide range of industrial sectors including IT, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, insurance, retail, pharma, oil & gas, telecommunications, staffing, shared economy, SME and government organizations among many others.

A Plethora of Background Screening Services

AMS Inform is home to a myriad range of background verification services including background checks, Educational verifications, pre & post employment verification, criminal check, court check, civil check, credit check, reference check, professional license check, adverse media check, address check, digital address verification, identity verification, digital ID verification, business information report, drug & health check, insurance claims verification, language translation services, and global database sanction and PEP.  They take care of every aspect of the verification process utilizing scalable platforms, software, tools, and APIs that promise quality, agility, and affordability.

Their education verification platform allows the recruiters to verify the education claims of their job candidates. Using their platform, you can effortlessly reach any university across the world to cross-check the clams of the candidates in the fastest possible time. Their criminal check is the most reliable way to ensure that you are not hiring a potential threat to your organization. AMS Inform has developed a software called CourtCheck to verify the criminal background of the candidates within minutes. A professional license check has also become an essential process for job hires in facilities like healthcare, manufacturing, and pharma, etc. With AMS Inform, HR personnel can run a professional certificate check on their applicants to be sure about their job competency. Their AMS: Verify platform is equipped with features like online ordering and report delivery along with custom final reports/ MIS reports to produce a seamless background verification experience.

The technological advancement is enabling the background screening services to cater to the growing needs for and changing trends of background verification in Indian businesses. Following the demands, AMS Inform has introduced new products like  CheckMyAddress, CourtCheck, TrakMyAsset, and FACTUM as SAAS services along with APIs for ATS, WhatsApp, and Twilio integration to increase the efficiency of their platform. The background verification service provider, which is serving in 140+ countries with 16 local teams in different countries, is also supporting the Indian business’s dependable verification services.     

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