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An Epitome of Persian Culture: Leonar Mardirosian

Young musician and singer, Leonar Mardirosian has marked a new milestone in the music industry and aims to scale further on the horizon. With amazing hits on his scoreboard such as 'Death List' and 'Sadeh', the singer is an epitome of Persian culture served on a platter at international platforms.

Being a stern believer of hard work, patience and daily practice, he moves like a magnet to the music industry. Born in Tehran-Iran, this talent had developed a knack for learning instruments and singing rhythmic tunes at the young age of 10. A local concert was a turning point in his life and he never looked back.

Talking about his journey, Leonar, said, “I always pursued my passion and a similar suit should be followed by all passionate art lovers”.

“A good singer needs to be the best showman to impress his audience and with added creativity and a hint of fun & frolic music we can drive a passionate follower to place”, he added.

The musician currently holds fluency in playing instruments such as Drums/Percussion, Piano, and Guitar while humming some of his favourite tunes both originals and covers. He plays for concerts and in a show called ‘Thursday night fever’.

Mentioning his relationship with various instruments, Leonar says, “Percussion is basically a harmony between the melody and the rhythm, in my opinion, it’s the seasoning of the music. A piano is the most beautiful and complete instrument especially for someone who wants to sing. And the guitar is just a friend who is always with you”.

With time, Leonar has brought together a team of capable achievers that hold fluency in various art forms that include singing, directing, as well as song production. With state-of-the-art equipment’s at their disposal, the team is now looking forward to future projects that would be dedicated to the millennial generation and desi music with modern tadka.

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