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An Interview Of Parleen Gill ; Young Bollywood Singer

Parleen Gill is a Bollywood Singer who hails from Punjab ( Chandigarh ). He comes from Army background a disciplined…

An Interview Of Parleen Gill ; Young Bollywood Singer

Parleen Gill is a Bollywood Singer who hails from Punjab ( Chandigarh ). He comes from Army background a disciplined guy who started his career at a very early age of 4. He was one of the Top 8 finalist of Indian Idol-3.

He had made his ways Bollywood Music Industry by singing 3 songs in the year 2018, and 5 more is going to add in his portfolio this year. From 2007 to 2009 he was part of SONY BMG which released a successful album with four Indian Idol contestant Parleen was one of those four singers. 

His Âlai vi na gai song is so famous on youtube that it has crossed viewers list of 30 million compared to the original song.

A quick Interview with Parleen GillÂ

What’s your opinion about the modern musical age? 

A.  It is evolving for good . More sounds are being discovered and listeners are growing as we speak. 

What preparations do you make before your concerts? 

A. Nothing , i just sleep and do my riyaaz  once I wake up.  As i have been doing shows since 12 years now. 

Who is your inspiration and role model?

A. Inspiration is Enrique  Iglesias and Role Model is no one 

What qualities should a good singer posses?

A. He should be able to sing in all languages and genres. 

Since from how many years are you practicing singing?

A. Since the age of 4. 

Who is your ‘ideal’? 

No one. I take small things from all singers like : Sonu Nigam , Mika , Palash Sen and Kailash kher. 

What hardships do you face in this field? 

A. There are no hardships if you see them as a challenge and love them. 

Have you had any memorable experience that you would like to share with us?

A. My first ever professional gig post Indian Idol 3 was on my birthday ie. 15th sep in 2007.  

What’s your success mantra?

A.  Stay positive and get out of your house daily no matter what.  

Would you like to give any message to your fans and upcoming artists?

A. Stay focussed , practice daily and never give up. 

Which music do u like? 

A. All genres. Depends on my mood. 

Which songs do u like? 

A.  Happy now by kygo. 

What are the problem u faced while working as singer? 

A. None , as i was confident that i was worth. 

Which is ur first song?

A.  On youtube : Maeri 

On Tv : teri deewan by kailash kher 

Did Indian idol changed your life?

A. Idols made it a dream life.  

Nowadays RAP is the new kind that people like in music, so r u planning to make a rap song

A. Yes my next punjabi song which i will shoot in Dubai has a bit of rap by me  

What do you think about rapping?

A. Few words describing  the exact emotion. 

If someone would make your biopic who do you think is best suitable for working in it?

A.  Ranveer Singh anytime as he is my doppelganger 

Punjabi music industry and Singers are giving more hits than Bollywood

Your thoughts on this?

A. They are making history and i am loving it. 

Modern music is extinct now.. People are just making remakes.

Your thoughts on this.

A. As a musician i feel bad that business is taking over creativity. 

Your future plans?

A. No plans. Just loving and living my life. 

Do you want to collaborate with any singer who is he/she?

A. Yes Enrique and Pitbull.