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An ode to female writers breaking the glass ceiling with their powerful verses

Tale of ten emerging writers yielding a sword like pen “Writing is liberating”, we have all heard this beautiful quote…

An ode to female writers breaking the glass ceiling with their powerful verses

Tale of ten emerging writers yielding a sword like pen

“Writing is liberating”, we have all heard this beautiful quote by those who write, we have also rejoiced reading poems, verses and chapters written by writers from varied backgrounds and genres, but it is very rare that we know them closely, their hustles and their journeys need appreciation like their phenomenal works. Below is the tale of some magnificent writers who found their passion of writing at unprecedented junctures in their lives and are now striving to produce words that they always wanted to share.

Dr Rana Preet Gill is a Hoshiarpur-based Veterinary Officer working with Animal Husbandry Department, Punjab. She is a freelance contributor for several national dailies.

Alongside spending time with her daughter, Sehar, Rana Preet Gill has written a book which is based on a protagonist named ÂRheaÂ. A girl who is in her early thirties finally succumbs to the pressure of her parents and relatives and agrees to marry Abhi, an insurance agent in Pathankot. But her marriage invited several dramas and twists that make the novel a must read. Join Rhea on this topsy-turvy ride full of fun and sprinkled with a riot of laughter as she makes desperate attempts to salvage her marriage and save the life of her employer by winning the odds stacked against her.

Yogita Warde was born and educated in a small town of Madhya Pradesh. After marriage she moved to Vadodara. Fond of writing stories and poems right from her childhood, she has travelled all over the world and participated in many adventures like skydiving, etc. Her first book, Saahi Â&Â Sudheer, is fictionalized, but is very real in itself. In this story Yogita tries to define the relationship between its key characters and the ups and downs they face in life. Her own personal experiences encouraged her to write, too. This book is her first step in the world of literature. It is the English edition of her first Hindi novel Saahi Â&Â Sudheer.

Shalu Thakur, aged 35, is an MBA graduate having 8 years of corporate experience with Tata and Panasonic groups. She had to leave her professional career to take care of her daughter, Inayat. This lockdown period has proved a blessing in disguise for her. She always had many stories to tell. She took this as an opportunity to fulfil her long-forgotten but

cherished dream of becoming a successful storyteller. Now she has ventured into the world of writing with her first debut novel ÂThe Journey of Unexplored LoveÂ. Being an epitome of perseverance and persistence and unlike earlier, she wants to succeed in this field also.

Shireen Sultana is a name, one among the millions who is known for being KolkataÂs Youngest Novelist. As an author, columnist and debater, she has been writing against orthodox norms, religious bigotry, dehumanisation, totalitarianism, persecution of women, Dalits and Minorities. Her work, One Is To Thousand, presents the orthodox norms which still exist in our society. She is known globally for fundamental research work and has authored several research papers, articles and monographs which makes her an extremely talented name in the literary field.

Sakshi Kiran works with a software firm as an engineer. She is a computer science graduate and M.Tech from BITS Pilani. She has been a fond reader of books of various genres. However, she is more keen about reading Historical stories from across the world. Her first book “9 Yards of Silk”, was a unique take on the age old Dushyant/Shakuntala and Menaka/Vishwamitra tale from Adi Parva, Mahabharata. Sakshi believes that Hindu Vaidic/Puranic texts have a lot of stories that are needed to be told to this generation. The epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana have so many small events besides the main story. These could be elaborated to shape a whole new book.

Author Neha Sharma had studied Architecture as her professional education but almost a decade later, discovered her passion for writing. She also blogs for some reputable platforms like The Times of India, Momspresso and The Literature Times Group. Florilège is a beautiful compilation of Quotes and Short Stories. It is Neha’s second published work. The first was a novella called ‘Plus Minus – Pros and Cons of Life’ which received an appreciable response from the readers.

Souwmiya Dhinesh, an engineer, left her comfy IT job, to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Her first book, ÂA Too Much Woman released in Feb 2020, is an inspirational romance novel and is gaining popularity among readers. The author is pretty focused on penning words that inspire readers, especially the womenfolks to be inspired to follow their dreams passionately. Her mantra in life is,  We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we canÂt have both. Not at the same time.

Nandita Sarkar belongs to West Bengal and lives in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She has always been passionate about writing poetry and storytelling. She describes herself as a curious author who loves exploring different themes and motifs. She has co-authored many books and her works have been published in various platforms like different web portals and anthologies. Chand ka Swad is a collection of love poems. The Book is divided into two parts, Madhuray and Kasak, that include the beauty of love and affection of a person who is deeply feeling the purity of love and the amazing refreshment of nature.

Tanushree was born on 7 October 1999 in Srinagar and now lives in Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh. Since childhood, she used to be uncomfortable explaining things and this was the reason she started writing and during the pandemic, she wrote her first individual book.

A collection of her best poetries and thoughts named – “??? ??????? ????? ???? ??? “, is soon going to be published by Writersgram publication. Tanushree is a computer science engineer and poetess. She writes her poems in different genres. But when she writes about unconditional love and waiting, she writes very deeply.

Aayushi Shah is a literary enthusiast, pluviophile and an animal lover who resides in Ahmedabad. She took a break from her bachelor studies to work on her debut novel  Meet Me in the Middle, which revolves around self-discovery and healing with a little sprinkle of romance. Her book focuses on issues faced by teenagers due to childhood trauma, familial pressures and stress caused due to academics. Covering a wide array of topics such as anxiety, PTSD, non-consensual intimacy, found family and panic attacks, its main objective is finding a little ray of hope in an otherwise bleak world.