Ankur Chandrakant is teaching people the importance of cyber security.

Everything is moving towards digitalisation and we as consumers are getting used to it. The Gen-Z to much into managing everything online and now with time the older generation is also getting into it to manage their work in an easier manner and involving in the trends of social platforms. But, be aware about the fact that it is not safe as a whole you can be tricked and data can be stolen easily. But what if you can now learn to save yourself from these threats?

Yes, now you can. Here comes the hero of cyber security, Ankur Chandrakant is a world wide known expert in digital forensic science.  He is a man of strong vision, thoughts, and information. More specifically he is the god of the world of cyber security. Ankur Chandrakant is an award winning Indian Cyber Security and Forensic Expert.

Ankur knows about the way that the course of digitalisation is developing step by step. Now,we can do 70% of our exercises online.This clearly has made our lives simple and brought us near our cherished one yet it adversely affects our everyday lives. Anyone,anywhere with a tick of a button, can likewise hack our private digital space, put infections, account splits the difference, and so on. Things like this generally occur with celebrities. Their records get hacked consistently by some fan,hater or any individual who needs to come to their meaningful conclusion. Celebs and their group are very little mindful about innovation and can’t deal with such matters.

Such an extremely long time he has endeavored to make the digital space a more protected place for everybody liberated from these sorts of dangers. Ankur has forever been the subject of the discussion and been in titles for his astonishing work and endeavors in the field of legal science and Cyber Security. He pays the general public he lives in his own sweet manner. He is giving the general public what he can give the best, his endeavor to reward society is as his liberated from cost digital directing and digital meetings through his foundation, saving individuals from getting their records hacked via online entertainment and the digital world.

Well thanks to people like Ankur who makes it so much easier for us and keep our personal data safe.

By TIS Staffer
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