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Anurag Halder - A young boy from a small town engraved his name in Mumbai Music Industry

Anurag Halder - A young boy from a small town engraved his name in Mumbai Music Industry

In this generation every musician dreams that someday their songs would be featured in National Platforms, someday they can reach thousands of people with their music, Today there is a story of a boy who had also dreamt about it and today he has made it happen. Anurag Halder, the boy from a small town of Kolkata, came to Mumbai in 2013 with so many dreams. But in a way of success, if the failure doesn't come it wouldn't be a successful success, I guess. In his story, there were thousands of failures. He started to participate in reality shows, but at a certain stage, he stopped that and started working for his Independent Music. His songs like Faasla on the National Platform were quite successful but he was not satisfied with that. He started to give his music a taste which is not till then in this music industry. So in the year 2019, he sat with 4 songs and composed them in that way he never did. And then it happened to him.

In the year 2020 and just two days back his song Kashtiya has been released from one of the largest Audio Label of India, Zee Music Company. In just three days it got thousands of love and respect.

He said in an interview, "The things I have faced in my life, turned into the tunes and lyrics of my songs. The more your heartbreaks, the more you can compose good tunes. But yeah, one thing which I followed only, just to never think this is the end. I still remember my father used to tell me that "One should extend his/her leg as per the length of the bed-sheet" but then I used to think that how if I extend my leg more and buy a long bedsheet which can be adjusted with my legs. And I started working hard for that. It means you have to dream big if you want to achieve big and put all of your hard efforts into that and believe me someday you will definitely do an interview like this and say the same words like me."

On asking about his upcoming projects, he said, "A few more releases are there this year. And currently, I am working for some regional works. There are three more music videos that might be released this month but have postponed due to this lockdown and maybe it would be visible by September."

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