Anusha Chowdhury’s NGO Let’s talk mental health making efforts towards mental health

Anusha Chowdhury is indeed filling people's lives with hope and positivity.Anusha Chowdhury is indeed filling people's lives with hope and positivity.

The rising entrepreneurial talent from Bangladesh also successfully runs her e-grocery store called “Bazar Nao” for helping people with food necessities.

There are a few who believe in talking the talk, and then there are people like Anusha Chowdhury who believe in walking the walk. Having seen hunger, poverty, unemployment, fight for basic rights, and much more while growing up, she was determined to work for people and be for them as a beacon of light in their lives. Over the years, the now rising entrepreneur and philanthropist of Bangladesh saw how people struggled with their inner demons due to mental health traumas and illnesses. Wondering how she could be of help to them and drive out all the negativity from their lives, she jumped into philanthropy and created her NGO called Let’s talk mental health (LTMH).

With her NGO, the young talent, and selfless being has been relentlessly providing the right kind of helping hand and support to people going through tough times and fighting their mental health devils. At a young age, she has taken this huge responsibility on her shoulders to dedicate her life to serving people and making this world a better place to live. Explaining how LTMH works for people, the young humanitarian says that the expert psychologists and doctors first listen to their concerns and understand their fears and insecurities, keeping the conversation between them truly confidential. After post detailed discussion with the patient, doctors decide the treatment plan accordingly. A follow-up is done to assure that the patient is showing positive results.

She says that she came up with the idea as the stigma is still prevalent in society towards people having mental challenges. Also, the demise of one of her close friends due to suicide ignited the fire in her to be there for others suffering from such mental issues, resulting in the initiation of LTMH. Their expert psychologists provide rehabilitation and advanced treatment to the patients as per the requirement and severity of their mental illness. So far, they have helped and revived the lives of over 3500 people. Also, she mentions that LTMH is open 24 hours for anyone who is in need of a mentor, friend, or professional doctor.

It is essential to also throw light on how well Anusha Chowdhury has been working around other things to better people’s lives. She founded Bazar Nao ( as she saw people struggling to provide for their families. Hence, this new concept was developed as an e-grocery platform to provide a variety of commodities to people on credit, where they can avail of the credit line for up to 20 days, using the same for buying groceries the e-commerce store offers.

Anusha Chowdhury is indeed filling people’s lives with hope and positivity.

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