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Anusha Jain’s photography is creating waves in Across India

Anusha Jain Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.…

Anusha Jain’s photography is creating waves in Across India

Anusha Jain Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. She worked with a variety of businesses and shot many photos that have been featured in publications throughout the world, including as an assistant photographer for Nylon Germany and Nylon Japan. She also worked for Bella Magazine as an Art Director.

She began photographing beauty throughout her boarding school years to chronicle the events that occurred around her. She always had a camera with her, whether it was for lunch, sports, or even class. She’s always snapping photos. She also enjoys photographing using a film camera and the process of developing a negative film in that one.

She is a photographer located in Kanpur. As a result of the pandemic, Kanpur’s Best Photographer has learned to approach things differently. She prefers to shoot in natural light, to capture moods, and to make her audience feel something when they look at her work.

Food photography

Food photography has become a popular lockdown activity in the last year, and many professional photographers are willingly sharing their knowledge on social media to help beginners improve their skills. Food photography workshops are also becoming more popular as people make use of the extra time they have at home to enhance their abilities.

Kanpur’s best and creative photographer, Anusha Jain, specializes in food photography. According to her, it’s no longer about ‘plopping the food on the plate and shooting a snapshot.’ ÂThey go above and beyond to make their food shine, whether they are specialists or amateurs. As a short recommendation, she suggests using natural light. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of lighting, a good camera will take care of the rest. It is important to establish one’s style and let the picture convey the story.Â

She describes herself as a minimalistic photographer when it comes to food and commercial photography. Beautiful cuisine that inspires me and keeps me updated, as I am a foodie who appreciates the process of food preparation, allowing me to style the cuisine.Â

Behind the Shadows of Photography

She became enamoured with the technique of capturing images using a camera. Her teacher approached her when she finished the project and said, “Hey, kid, you’ve got a good eye.” You should think about making it a career. ÂI believe you have a promising future ahead of you. Everything made sense after hearing that. She concluded that I wanted to spend the rest of my life working with my camera. Then, during the second week of school, I spent all of my money buying my first camera.

Portrait photography is a passion for her

She was enthralled by the beauty that the world had to offer when she first got her camera. She took macro shots of flowers, images of her home, corporate events, and portraits, among other things. She adds, “Before picking up a camera, she was bashful and nervous.” I began to take self-portraits as I proceeded through the process, and I grew to like the art form. I took pictures of myself since I was the only one I felt safe speaking to or highlighting.Â

Over the next few years, she progressively acquired confidence in herself as a photographer and as a person. Her most recognizable and powerful personality quickly became the focal point. It was always by her side at pleasant times and gave her a place to express herself. After several seasons of merely photographing herself, she got the confidence to start photographing other people.


She applied to consider the legendary artists who came before her and learn what made them so beautiful while she was just starting to make her own and discover her passion for photography. Photographers such as Richard Avedon, Annie Leibowitz, and Steve McCurry were major influences. She was able to analyze the work of each artist and extract elements that she eventually incorporated into her style. The way Richard Avedon communicated with his subjects and elicited genuine, unguarded feelings from them pulled her in.


Anusha Jain says, “I spent every hour of my spare time developing my capabilities after discovering that it wasn’t the gear that was preventing me from generating amazing work.” I did dozens of sessions a month, spent many hours on the internet researching lighting, Photoshop, and other photography-related topics, and then applied what I learned on my shoots. Taking action was crucial to the success of my project. Then it occurred to me that this was only the beginning. Seeing how much effort I had put in compared to how far I still had to go was tremendously motivating.Â

“If you want to achieve in this field, you must be loyal to yourself,” Anusha Jain advises. Only you can do it better than anyone else. The only thing that will set your work apart from others is being distinctive and honest to yourself. In terms of being the best version of yourself, the only competition you have is with yourself. Instead of wasting time pursuing someone else’s goals, concentrate on your own.