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Asumoh Enyiema – The Entrepreneur Shares His Ideas On How To Be A Successful Restauranteur

Asumoh Enyiema – The Entrepreneur Shares His Ideas On How To Be A Successful Restauranteur

The food and restaurant business is one of the most successful ventures an entrepreneur can invest in. However, in the competitive world, you must know the trick to drive customers to dine at your restaurant rather than they going to other eateries. It is the customer feedback that matters the most for every restauranteur. Asumoh Enyiema, an entrepreneur and a restauranteur at Sushi Star in Hell’s Kitchen, Downtown, Manhattan is the man who strives for excellence. He believes to serve people the premium services without compromising on the quality. Besides quality services, he is transforming his restaurant business into a brand that people can rely on.

A former lieutenant, he comes from the army background who has served 2 combat tours in the past. Based in the USA, his native country is Nigeria. Many well-known names from different fields are in awe of the restaurant which has been voted as the best restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen in the past 2 years. With having a good network of people, he has associated with many artists and influencers which have in turn given good popularity to his restaurant. “The way you present your work is what attracts the customers the most. To start a restaurant, there should be a unique concept and theme of a restaurant. Know your target audience, whether you want to have only elite class people or middle-class consumers. Plan accordingly and work towards it”, he stated. 

Besides his restaurant, he also has had many clients including the Dannon Project, the first-ever sit-down Yogurt bar which has opened new locations for BBQs. He also looked closely into operations of Applebee’s chains and helped Crumbs Bake Shop to expand in terms of finding suitable locations. Apart from this, Asumoh Enyiema is also closely attached to philanthropy works and has been doing charities for many causes like the Little League in America. As an army chaplain, he has ministered many soldiers suffering from PTSD and other disorders. When asked why he loves to help people, he said, “I cannot come here and leave the world without making an impact on people’s lives. No matter how little, if I could impact just one person, it will always be worth it.”

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