Serial entrepreneur Babita Singh has been conferred as a Global Peace Ambassador for promoting Peace through Education, Sports, Art, Culture & Diplomacy at the India International Conclave 2022 held in collaboration with Asia Africa Consortium (AAC) that took place on 16th April 2022 in Shangrila, New Delhi.

Babita Singh was personally conferred with this honor by H.E. Prof Dr Zahid Haque (Ambassador At Large- Kingdom of Hawai’i & Secretary-General- WSA), H.E. Prof Nabhit Kapur (Sr Advisor to the Govt of Liberia & Somaliland) and Enthekhabul Hamid (Hon. Consul General- The Republic of Botswana) and Ernest Nana Adeji (Minister – Counseller Political & Economic, High Commission of Republic of Ghana ) for her exemplary contribution for her Peace building initiatives via Sports & Culture. Babita is a global business professional has been in this business since 20 years with her previous ventures from Hospitality, Sports Management and Cyber Security. Babita is an Indian, born and raised in Nigeria and moved on to become the most sought after Digital Strategist & Reputation Expert in Asia & Africa.

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The AAC-Global Peace Ambassador 2022 honor has been constituted by Asia Africa Consortium and is the highest honour bestowed by the Secretary General on a global citizen that fosters Socio Economic Relations and Sustainable Growth between Asia and Africa encompassing in Education, Health and Trade. This honor conferred upon Babita Singh implies that she is one of those very few designated individuals who have dedicated their life to practices which promotes Universal Moral Values, Interreligious co-operation, International Harmony respecting United Nations Human Rights Charter to improve the lives of billions of people worldwide.

The Asia Africa Consortium (AAC) conference was attended by H.E. Prof Dr Zahid Haque (Ambassador At Large- Kingdom of Hawai’i & Secretary-General- WSA); Enthekhabul Hamid (Hon. Consul General- The Republic of Botswana & Secretary General-Bangladesh Shooting Sport Federation); Vinay Chaudhary (Spokesperson BJP Delhi Youth), Prof RIYAS Suleiman Lebbe (President- George Washington University of Peace); Nimisha Shankar (Musician & International Performer), H.E. Prof Nabhit Kapur (Sr Advisor to the Govt of Liberia & Somaliland); Sara Georges Muthoot (Director- St George’s Education Society) along with other bureaucrats, politicians, international keynote speakers, celebrity artists, diplomats and ambassadors from 10 different countries.

“This honor is extremely important to me and my entire team which works relentlessly on various initiatives worldwide and we look forward to more challenges and it gives me an impetus to strive to contribute more towards peace building initiatives not only in the field of Sports or Culture but to the corporate industry and International Governmental agencies,” revealed the ecstatic Babita Singh who is not only a serial entrepreneur but an eminent humanitarian and has received many accolades for her contribution to the society at large.

Indian International Conclave was knitted by Dr. Varun Gupta and Dr Naresh Malhotra who thanked all the dignitaries. The conclave marked its august presence by Louis Georges (Prime Minister, State of African Diaspora), H.E. Kwaku Asomah – Cheremeh (High Commissioner – Designate of the Republic of Ghana to India, New Delhi, India, Nancy Barlow (Member, Delhi Minorities Commission, Government of NCT of Delhi, India), Dr Sandeep Marwah (President – Asian Academy of Film & Television), Rajendra Bahadur Shrestha (RBS Research & Training Consultant & Member Secretary- FNCCI Think Tank- Nepal). The conference also saw the presence of pre-eminent guests representing from from United Nations, India, Sri Lanka, Spain, Morocco, Ghana, Afghanistan, Middle East, USA, Bangladesh and other countries and some key people from Cabinet.

The conference was powered in association with On Sky Global, World Sports Alliance United Nations, World Health Organisation supported by CBSE, Primary Plus, George Washington University and Bangladesh Olympic Association.

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