Backstage at the Banquet of Hoshena

Banquet of Hoshena is an immersive, interactive experience that takes fine-dining to a whole other sensory level. After touring cities like London, Dubai and Stockholm, Banquet of Hoshena will finally be making its grand arrival at Ramee Guestline Juhu in Mumbai, starting this week.

This unique show brings the Kingdom of Hoshena to life through cutting edge 3D technology, projectors, and image-mapping, creating the world on the walls, tables and even plates of the restaurant. Fairies dance around tables and dishes levitate as the story of Hoshena unfolds around the diner over a seven-course meal.

Created by Nadine Beshir, this multimedia experience is anything but a one man show.

Nadine Behsir specializes in producing immersive dining experiences that combine art, technology and gastronomy to craft unique experiences. Her last such project, Dinner Time Story, saw resounding success, touring more than twenty cities around the world. Nadine collaborates with different artists to create such multi-course fine dining experiences.

This time, Nadine collaborated with Davy and Kristin McGuire of Studio McGuire, located in the United Kingdom. Award-winning multimedia artists, Davy and Kristin, specialise in turning any surface into a canvas. They combine physical installations and virtual experiences to create unique, mesmerising experiences.

The story of Banquet of Hoshena that diners journey through was written by Richard Hurford, an award-winning playwright who has written plays for radio, theatre and digital performances all across Europe. And tying the entire show together is the beautiful music composed by Spesh Maloney, a music composer for feature films, theatre and other forms of media.

Like any other show, Banquet of Hoshena relies on being hosted. Often described as a pop-up performance, it is hosted by different restaurants across the world. This is where Ramee Group comes in.

Ramee Group has partnered with Hoshina Productions to bring this exhilarating experience to India, starting with Ramee Guestline Juhu in Mumbai which will stage the first ever Banquet of Hoshena in India. Further, the menu of this extravagant banquet is from Ramee Group’s renowned restaurant Tanatan, which was ranked as Mumbai’s top restaurant by TripAdvisor in 2019.

“At Ramee, we are constantly thinking of ways to create new and exciting experiences for our guests. We love experimenting and the Banquet of Hoshena fits our agenda perfectly,” says Rajit Shetty, Managing Director of Ramee Group.

(Banquet of Hoshena will be staged at Ramee Guestline Hotel Juhu from 11th of December onwards and will be hosted three times a week for a limited period of time. For more details, click here.)

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