Bharti Monga: How Mrs Universal Queen 2021 Became a Model?

Bharti Monga

Bharti Monga, born on 12 May, 1993 was brought up in Moga, Punjab. She started her journey as a model and an actress about a year ago, and in this short time she has made big waves and has been gathering an ever growing number of achievements.

She has walked for various fashion shows and ramps. And has participated in scores of beauty pageants – not only as a contestant but also as a judge. She has cemented her status as a modelling powerhouse and proven her versatility by also dabbling in the field of acting.

Recently, Bharti Monga won the prized title of Mrs Universal Queen 2021, in Dubai.

According to Bharti, she has been able to accomplish so much through the support of her family and friends. She says, “Everyone always used to tell me “Oh you’re such a fashionista!” and “You should become an actress”, and I really wanted to try my hand at these things.

But I was always a bit apprehensive – you know the self doubt and anxiety that creeps in? My friends and family always had faith in me though, they believed in me and slowly I started gaining confidence as well. It was such a dream of mine, but I was so scared. I finally took the leap about a year ago, after a lot of deliberation and thinking – but all this while my family and friends stuck by me and also motivated me endlessly. And it was the best decision I’ve ever made! Being a model and using my acting skills has been very fulfilling and I’m so thankful that my loved ones didn’t let me give up my dream.”.

Bharti is committed to continuing her work as a model, and also has acting projects lined up. She has big plans and even bigger opportunities at her door. She says, “I was distancing myself from my dream for so long, and now that I’m on the path I’ve always wanted to be in – I’m not going to give up. I’m going to continue acting and modelling, and go wherever the road takes me!”.

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