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Bhumik Shah: The inevitable star this Navratri

Bhumik Shah

This Navratri all Gujaratis are ready across the globe to celebrate the joy of being there together. The pandemic brought a lot of restrictions; however, people still feel the festive vibe on its arrival. The Garba sessions, the morning meetups, and a lot of comfort food, alongside great music are all that Navaratri is about. Bhumik Shah a celebrated Gujarati folk singer who has been one of the most demanded artists of Gujarat is all set to rock this season with his energetic performances.

His past work includes hits like Ganraj Aala, Taar Jhankar, Prem Ma Padyo, Chaniyacholi, Prem Thayo Chhe, Nacho Re, and many Daklas that have been loved by his audiences. He recently released his song ‘Jaage Ne Jadva’ which got a lot of love and appreciation from his fans. After the lockdown things kicked in with new rules and guidelines and hence celebrating Navaratri had also been affected. The guidelines of less gathering had pushed many people away from celebrating in a huge crowd. However, this has not affected the love they have for Bhumik’s performances.

Bhumik has been invited to multiple private Garba nights to get together with fewer people. People cannot afford to miss his energy and music at this festival. The Garba nights are still eager to see Bhumik perform with all guidelines being in place. Bhumik also mentions, ‘I am overwhelmed with the reaction people have this year. With the restrictions in place and festive at peak people are finding new ways to celebrate Garba nights keeping in mind the new normals. They have arranged for private setups to ensure that they can enjoy my performance. This feeling is a shocker as well as so amazing to see the reactions. I hope these private Garba nights become memorable for them and me.’

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