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Born In Sri Lanka Made In America

Amith BotejuAmith Boteju

He is Amith Boteju Aka ‘AmithWorldWide”, the international rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur,  and also the philanthropist from Colombo, Sri Lanka, now a glimmering American celebrity. He is one in a million- his success in life was solely built upon his hard work, inborn talent and dedication.

His childhood was not an easy one. Being the kid who fled to the US in the 90s to survive from the civil war in Sri Lanka, Acclimating to a foreign culture and being bullied made his high school life challenging. Being the victorious survivor he always is, he found home among the African American community who embraced him as one of their own and nurtured him with their culture and hip-hop music. Amith was fascinated by the hip-hop genre which later became the roots of his music career. After graduating from high school and dropping out of school, he started his life’s excursion in Los Angeles. He started building up his network of important connections which later became a blessing to his career both as a successful entrepreneur and a musician. He had immense love for his motherland deeply rooted in his heart. He wanted to get to know people who would help him earn resources to heal Sri Lanka that was deeply wounded by the civil war of thirty years. His passion was always to bring back the economic and technical development he was blessed with in the US to the not- so- fortunate citizens in Sri Lanka. Miraculously, his dream became a reality, when his life’s path crossed with that of the music kingpin, Akon.

When typical Sri Lankan Kids were simply aspiring to become successful in life as doctors, lawyers and engineers, and failed, he won by discovering his life’s destination in his own way; aligning his passion with his talents. With his vast experience in the textile industry, he launched his own fashion line, ‘Born in Sri Lanka’ in LA, hauling up his motherland’s name up on to the global arena. Today, it is a trending clothing brand internationally, not only among Sri Lankans, but also among the other citizens of the US. His entrepreneurship excellence glorified him in recent features in International Business Times (IBT) and Yahoo Lifestyle.

He made his debut in the music industry, releasing the first ever single “Money Long” in 2019. His persistent hard work paid off when Akon ask him to join his team in 2020, in which Amith will be releasing his new music content. Nowadays, he is getting prepared to perform in Akon’s domestic tour with the other major artists. He is also about to release his Single, “Curry”

Survival in an alien country is a constant battle. But Amith stands out in the crowd by not only by thriving but also by shining as a supernova in his way to stardom in multiple careers; business and music. He deserves the loving applause of all Sri Lankans for his victories as a young entrepreneur on foreign soil. You can stay tune tuned in to his stardom success daily by visiting all of his social media platforms @amithworldwide

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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