British TV personality Sean Borg reveals: “Elizabeth Taylor gave me her home phone number.”

Television personality Sean Borg opened up recently on what happened when he met the Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor on a chance meeting in the South of France, in 1996.

Former “TMZ on TV,” guy — Borg, 52, told German magazine Verna, his treasured memory as he remembers posing for a “selfie” with the late iconic film star at a party in Cannes, France.

Sean, then only 27-years-old told the publication: “Elizabeth allowed my friend [film producer] Julia Verdin to take a snap of us with my disposable camera. I cheekily put my arm around Elizabeth’s waist as we posed,” he said.

Borg, who lives in Los Angeles, recounted: “For a split second, she looked a little taken aback. Perhaps I had crossed the line, I thought. But then she smiled at me and moved in closer.”

He continued: “She smelt as beautiful as she looked. It was that cozy.”

The well-known British entertainment star said he ‘felt incredibly privileged’ when, to his amazement, “Liz” — who was one of the most famous women in the world then gave him her telephone number.

He said: “She gave me her home number. Well, we kept in touch. I even went to a few dinners there. She was exceptional.”

Sean last saw ‘Liz’ at the Los Angeles BAFTA Britannia Awards in November 2005. Liz, she was presented with the ‘Britannia Award’ for ‘Artistic Excellence in International Entertainment.’  

Borg recalled: “Elizabeth arrived being pushed in a wheelchair as they announced her award. She still looked amazing, and every inch the star—as always. But it was sad to see her so confined. I got to say hello, but I’m not sure she recognized me. Maybe she did. She wasn’t the same person.”  

Sean, who quit showbiz journalism to work in lifestyle and travel television, has lived in LA for most of his adult life, after moving from the UK, and arriving in Tinseltown in the mid-90s. 

Recently it was announced that Netflix TV chiefs in Mumbai want to meet with Borg to discuss travel TV opportunities. Borg, known for the Trivago advertisements in Europe, plans to visit India for business meetings in early 2020.

His spokesperson Akhilendra Sahu said: “Sean is planning a trip to Bollywood in the New Year. He has a love for India like no other country in the world, its people have embraced his work, and he is excited to visit early next year. He is thrilled to have this opportunity.”

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