CA Aditya Jain also known as the Finance Guru is the NO. 1 faculty for CA CS CMA CFA - Inter FM & ECO Class - The India Saga



CA Aditya Jain also known as the Finance Guru is the NO. 1 faculty for CA CS CMA CFA – Inter FM & ECO Class

It takes a lot of work to become a CA. Students in finance and accounting need teachers and professors who…

CA Aditya Jain also known as the Finance Guru is the NO. 1 faculty for CA CS CMA CFA – Inter FM & ECO Class

It takes a lot of work to become a CA.

Students in finance and accounting need teachers and professors who can train and teach them patiently and perfectly. They need teachers that are experienced and have a clear understanding of the subject.

And the name of CA Aaditya Jain or popularly known as, The Finance Guru, is the most prominent when it comes to teaching CA, CS, CMA, CFA – Inter & Final.

His students have attained 100% in some of IndiaÂs toughest finance exams.

Students across the country have been inspired by his motto of Learn more, earn more.

About CA Aaditya Jain

CA Aaditya Jain is a qualified CA, MBA(FINANCE), NCFM, B.COM, and M.COM. He has also been awarded as NSE CERTIFIED MARKET PROFESSIONAL, and  MASTER OF FINANCIAL ANALYST.

He has provided lecture resources to thousands of students across the country. Furthermore, he provides valuable content on his YouTube channel to his viewers and audience.

He currently teaches CA/CS/CMA-Inter & Final students all over India. He has been teaching FM, Economics, SFM, CA Final Elective Paper Financial Services and Capital Markets, and Risk Management, Subjects for the last 15 years.

As a matter of fact CA Aaditya Jain initially started his CA/CS/CMA coaching by tutoring only 2 students.

It was his remarkable teaching abilities and his extensive knowledge that a class of 2 students has expanded to a class of 15000 students each year.

With online lectures, downloadable resources, and live classes, CA Aaditya Jain has a student base of over lakhs. The results of the efforts and ventures of his students have been notable.

CA Aditya JainÂs students achievements and merits:

-His students have scored 100 out of 100 in some of IndiaÂs toughest exams like Final SFM, NSE NCFM, etc.

-His students have also scored 90%+ marks in exams like CA Inter Financial Management & Economics For Finance (FM & ECO.), Strategic Financial Management (SFM )Etc.

-JP Morgan Chase, Nomura, Credit Suisse, Barclays, HSBC are just some of the leading investment banking finance companies in which his students have been selected for industrial training.

-Furthermore, his classes famously known as the Aaditya Jain Classes, have produced over 1000 plus rank holders in CA/CS/CMA including an All India Rank 1.

-His students after qualifying exams have also been placed in one of the WorldÂs No.1 companies like HSBC, McKinsey, etc with a crore plus salary packages.

Why CA Aditya Jain is considered to be the No.1 faculty of India?

  • He teaches at a very basic level, so even students who are below average can understand him.
  • His teaching style is very simple both in Hindi as well as in English.
  • He covers all the past years & the expected examination questions in his class material.
  • His class notes are considered to be the best notes of Final/Inter FM & SFM Subject.
  • His students scored 100% marks in the Final SFM subject.
  • He teaches each and every concept practically, taking examples from the stock market.

CA Aaditya JainÂs classes are located India-wide with over 100+ centers all over the country. Moreover, his classes are available in both English and Hindi languages.

Apart from being one of the best faculties in India for CA/CS/CMA, he also provides Stock Market classes for educational purposes.

His journey has been very humble from the start with a single mission of being able to help as many students as he can with his knowledge and experience.

His teaching tactics and lecture base is exhaustive and wholly concept-based. He imparts knowledge in a systematic and time-bound manner.

Many students are taking guidance from him on how to become a successful CA, CS, CMA & CFA

He provides guidance in many topics including:

– Is CA/CS/CMA/CFA Course Really Tough?

-What is the benefit of doing CA/CS/CMA/CFA?

-What is the role of CA/CS/CMA/CFA in any Company?

-What is the salary package received by students once you clear this exam?

-What is the duration of these courses?

-What is the course structure of CA/CS/CMA/CFA?

-How can one become a CA/CS/CMA/CFA?

-How to join an Investment Banking Firm under Industrial Training?

-Which is better CA/CS/CMA/CFA or MBA?

-Which is the better course for me: CA OR CMA OR CS OR CFA?

-Whether one should do a CFA (USA) Course or not?

-Which CA Final elective paper is best?

-What is the sequence of joining CA/CS/CMA Best Coaching Class?

-Is it worth joining an articleship in a big4 firm or with a mid-firm?

-How many months of exam preparation are required?

-What is the total fees/fund required to do courses like CA/CS/CMA/CFA?

His holistic approach towards training and educating helps students excel in their efforts.

To connect and get answers to coaching-related questions like the ones above, you can connect with his team on 9911442626 and become a part of his learning which will lead to your success.

Here are some of CA Aditya JainÂs StudentÂs Testimonial:

CA CFA Aditya Mittal ( Scored 100% Marks; Finance Manager in ITC)

I have scored 100 out of 100 Marks in CA Final SFM along with All India Rank-3 in Nov.2017 Exam.

CA Aaditya Jain sir is the most renowned teacher among students. This is because of his knowledge and experience. He has vast knowledge and experience in the finance field.

He is very much concerned about everyone around him. While teaching he molds his thinking pattern just like that of his students. He is able to connect to even the quietest student in his class.

Aaditya Jain sir is not having even a gram of arrogance after having so much big fame all over the country. He is very humble in nature. His classes and his nature both are on top.

CA Saksham Agarwal ( scored 96% Marks, Entrepreneur )

I have scored 96 marks in CA Final SFM with the Help of CA Aaditya Jain Sir.

Aaditya sir’s class will teach you a lot of new things that are gonna be crucial to your future success in finance. The examples he uses in his class are more relevant to the real world. He always does his best to pass on the valuable knowledge he has acquired over the years to his students. He is the best teacher ever.

The way Aaditya Sir explains is just amazing, even while taking online classes it feels we are in the same room and you can hardly have any doubt because of his teaching skills. The motivating thoughts at the beginning of every lecture are very inspiring. After joining his class you will feel on top of the world.

CA Mohit Gupta ( Secured All India Rank 1 with 94% Marks / Working in ONGC )

I have Secured All India Rank – 1 with 94 out of 100 Marks in CA Final SFM in Nov.2017.

I cannot speak about any other teacher but I can definitely vouch for CA Aaditya Jain Sir. He has the best hand when it comes to Inter FM & Final SFM, for conceptual training as well as for exams.

For me, he is the GOD of SFM. He provides conceptual clarity that will help you prepare well for the exam.

Feel free to visit the official website of CA Aditya Jain

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