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Chirag Aggarwal makes his own mark in the world of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is evolving at such a rapid pace that one’s experience in the next few years may…

Chirag Aggarwal makes his own mark in the world of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is evolving at such a rapid pace that oneÂs experience in the next few years may be vastly different from what others are currently experiencing. Before this quick transition occurs, one must seize the opportunity to enter the digital marketing field. Chirag Aggarwal is one of those rare individuals who has mastered the art of digital marketing and is always improving his talents in anticipation of a major shift.

Knowledge empowers education

Hailing from a  humble family with not many resources, ChiragÂs father took money from his brother to pay his education fees. He has been an average student but was not much focused on his studies because of which he was not able to complete his graduation in BTech. After dropping out of college he began working in a call center but again dropped his job after 25 days.

Despite the fact that he did not complete his education, he never stopped working. In 2017, he re-joined and was offered a position as a content writer with a starting salary of Rs 5000 rupees. He worked as a writer for the following two years, earning only Rs 12000. He then left his time with the organization to pursue his great aspirations.

Creating a world of digital entrepreneurs 

To enhance his sales skills he started working with a direct selling company for around a year and in 2020 began with Affiliate Marketing. He was earning 30-40k a week when people were losing their jobs, which was a fantastic period for him. He became increasingly interested in Digital Marketing as time went on, and his career progressed.

Currently, he works in a variety of digital fields, including affiliate marketing, social media management, trading, and content marketing. He has aided over 2000 people who have benefited from his expertise. So, while his road has not been simple, he has learned a lot and continues to learn in order to break current records. His application,  Digital Card App “DigiVisit” has been recognized by the media.

Talking about the current situation he said,  The current market situation is booming and people who donÂt have knowledge of the Digital Sector or market are facing a lot of losses in business as well as in the job. He further added,  According to me, the approaching years will be more fortunate for those who learn and invest money in digital abilities. When entire businesses close, only e-commerce thrives, and if we do not upgrade ourselves with time, we will be replaced just like the obsolete mobile phone.Â

What sets him different from the market is that their offering is a digital product that consists of e-learning training courses on social media marketing that assist students and people in adopting digital skills so that they can use them as a source of money rather than just for fun. Furthermore, they provide customers with services such as stock market training and other similar services so that they can take advantage of it. Because of their constant hard work, hundreds of people from all around India are now connected to them.

Envisioning to rein the domain

With a mission to educate people and especially students to not be dependent on only formal education, he wants them to start learning self-education that can make them stand apart from the crowd. The upcoming era is for those who know how to use social media and digital sources in the right way.

For the upcoming entrepreneurs, with his past experience, he advises, Â New entrepreneurs and start-ups must keep in mind that they must treat their business as if it were a job; otherwise, they will have to work for someone else and devote their full attention to their business. In our world, nothing comes for free; free is a marketing strategy, so if you want to learn and earn, you must spend on your education.Â

In the future, he plans to connect with youngsters all over the globe to make them capable so that they donÂt look for a job anymore. Young minds should definitely connect with him to work under his vast expertise in the world of digital marketing.

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