Complete talent package- Sunny Wadhwani is making the digital world a safer place

Sunny Wadhwani is a name that defines the word ‘multipotentialite’. The 28- year old Sunny is an entrepreneur, a learner,…

Complete talent package- Sunny Wadhwani is making the digital world a safer place

Sunny Wadhwani is a name that defines the word ‘multipotentialite’. The 28- year old Sunny is an entrepreneur, a learner, and a prolific public speaker, and it won’t be wrong to say that he is a complete package. He is the new name that is creating a sensation in the cyber and digital world. An expert in cybersecurity and software development, Sunny has been making people aware of the growing online theft through his lectures and seminars.

The young lad has always been thrilled by computers and their application since his childhood, and as he started growing, he excelled in this digital world. Following his passion, he recently launched his venture Wadhwani Enterprises, in the year 2016. The company is a digital ad consultancy that provides online services like social media management, graphic designing, and video editing. Alongside this, the venture also focuses on solving issues related to cybersecurity, and till now, they have been able to serve more than 500+ clients in such a short time.

Having a knack for creativity, Sunny has an excellent command of using video and graphic editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Adobe Premiere. For his immense knowledge about the digital arena, he is often invited to a lot of seminars as a guest speaker. Recently, he delivered a webinar on Digital Citizenship to school students and taught them about the pros and cons of the Digital and Cyberworld. He even has a world record to his name. He created a world record for ‘Fastest Roman Alphabet Typing on Keyboard’ by typing Roman Alphabets in order without space in just 1.801 seconds.

The young cybersecurity expert also organizes many sessions and webinars on aspects of the digital world, making youth aware of the developing technology. He recently conducted a webinar on  Digital Citizenship at Little Flower School, Uppal, Hyderabad, along with Lycee Saint Gabriel-Saint Michael School, France. He made students aware of the online frauds and scams that are gripping the online world. It was a very successful webinar as he delivered more than 100 students, making them aware of the cons and pros of the Digital and Cyber World and how one can keep themselves safe and secure online.

The expert also briefed them about online frauds and scams currently going on, including COVID Scam, Fake COVID health passes in France, Pink/Golden Whatsapp, Mobile Phone Hacking, Remote Apps stealing credentials, Online Honeytrapping, Online Threatening, Blackmailing and Bullying. And, also stressed emphasis on the nine elements of Digital Citizenship which include Digital Commerce, Digital Downtime, Digital Etiquette, Digital Health, Digital Integrity, Digital Literacy, Digital Privacy, Digital Responsibility, and Digital Security.

Sharing more insights about the same, he also guided students that Indian Citizens can register complaints on the Cyber Crime Portal of India, and France citizens can register a complaint on their official government portal, which deals in cyber complaints and frauds.

With the help of a practical approach, Sunny also showed how weak passwords can be broken and how cybercriminals exploit human emotions and nature and suggested using alphanumeric passwords for security on all the platforms and media accounts. In addition, Sunny also answered the queries and questions of the students related to online bullying and harassment and how one can keep themselves safe online from cyber predators.

The virtuoso aims to create a cyber-free crime world where people can use the World Wide Web (www) for their positive advantage without fear. With so much talent and achievements at such a young age, Sunny Wadhwani is truly an inspiration for the country’s youth.

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