Congress' Supria Shrinate Vulgurly Remarked on Kangana Ranaut



Congress Spokesperson Supria Shrinate Vulgurly Remarked on Kangana Ranaut

Congress Spokesperson Supria Shrinate Vulgurly Remarked on Actress Kangana Ranaut who received the ticket from BJP for upcoming elections.

Congress Spokesperson Supria Shrinate Vulgurly Remarked on Kangana Ranaut

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate is often seen in television debates. She recently sparked controversy after posting a derogatory post about Actress Kangana Ranaut. She deleted the post afterwards. The National Commission for Women India demands action against the politician. In addition to this, Mr. H.S. Ahir, State Joint Co-ordinator, Kisan Congress, commented vulgarly on Kangana and attacked her personally in an inappropriate manner.

The photo posted by Supriya’s social media account (Instagram) targeted the Actress directly in a lewd manner. This incident occurred weeks before the national elections. Bollywood actress Ms Ranaut is contesting the polls on a BJP ticket from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, according to news sources. 

The National Commission for Women India is appalled with this act by the politician; the commission twitted on X, formerly Twitter, saying, “National Commission for Women is appalled by the disgraceful conduct of Ms. Supriya Shrinate and Mr. H.S. Ahir, who made lewd and derogatory remarks about Kangana Ranaut on social media. Such behaviour is intolerable and goes against the dignity of women. @sharmarekha has sent a letter to the Election Commissioner of India demanding an immediate and strict action against them. Let’s uphold respect and dignity for all women.” 

Actress Kangana Responded to Ms Shrinate’s lewd remark, pointing out that she has played different women roles, “from a prostitute in Rajjo to a revolutionary leader in Thalaivii.”

She further said, “We must free our daughters from the shackles of prejudices, we must rise above the curiosity about their body parts and above all, we must refrain from using sex workers’ challenging lives or circumstances as some kind of abuse or slur… every woman deserves her dignity.”

Congress spokesperson Supriya later released a video clarifying that she did not post that; someone else made it. As soon as she learned, she deleted the post-Ms. Supriya mentioned in the clarification video.

Although this is not the first time when she has used this kind of language for someone, before this, in various television news channel debates, she was seen using foul language targeting people linked to the Bhartiya Janata Party or even those who praise the work of BJP. As she is into politics, she must be careful not to use such language for someone. She have a good follower base; his followers might harm Ms. Kangana by commenting inappropriately on social media or in real life as well. As a woman and as a politician, she should act responsibly.