Crafted with Love: NoStrain's Founder Gagandeep Kohli Shares Passion Behind Every Step - The India Saga



Crafted with Love: NoStrain’s Founder Gagandeep Kohli Shares Passion Behind Every Step

Crafted with Love: NoStrain’s Founder Gagandeep Kohli Shares Passion

Crafted with Love: NoStrain’s Founder Gagandeep Kohli Shares Passion Behind Every Step

Footwear is one fashion accessory that has endured over time, where trends come and go quicker than a carousel. Each piece of footwear embodies the individuality and enthusiasm of its designers. Footwear is a powerful way to express personal style beyond simple accessories, as it reflects the changing trends and cultural influences shaping our current fashion scene.

The footwear industry has experienced a significant shift in the past few years, shifting its focus towards sustainability to satisfy the growing needs of customers who care about the environment. Incorporating the same ideas or beliefs, NoStrain’s Founder talks about the whole concept and provides insights into his brand that emerges as a catalyst for change. 

Q1. Can you share the inspiration behind starting NoStrain and the passion that drives your brand?

NoStrain was born out of the madness of fads and uncomfortable shoes. Like many, I yearned for the ability to express myself through my sense of style freely—but not at the expense of my feet. This desire for fashionable comfort served as NoStrain’s inspiration.

Footwear ought to reflect your individuality rather than be a test of your ability to tolerate discomfort. We ensure that every step you take is a confident step towards a more sustainable future by designing with an unwavering focus on cutting-edge comfort technologies and stylish silhouettes.

Q2. How is NoStrain bringing a revolution in the footwear industry?

NoStrain is a modern Indian brand designed to satisfy the discriminating and aspirational Indian consumer’s need for open footwear. We manufacture our products with the best Vietnam, Thailand & India factories. NoStrain focuses on four pillars: sustainability, comfort, quality, and design. We decided to source our products from the top footwear factories worldwide due to shifts in sustainability and design. Before releasing the product, we ensure we give the best by wearing it for at least six months. It is customary to take a long time to find the best quality while keeping sustainability in mind.

Redefining Open Footwear: NoStrain’s Mission for Modern India

Q3. NoStrain prioritises comfort. How can this important detail be incorporated into the design without sacrificing style?

When it comes to footwear, comfort is the key. At NoStrain, we seamlessly combine comfort and style, ensuring our designs meet our customers’ needs. Every element of our designs, such as Rubber, cork, and recycled plastic, are just a few of the natural and recycled materials we use in our sandals. Our designs put comfort first by emphasising breathability and ease of movement. Every piece reflects our commitment to offering a cutting-edge, visually stunning, and comfortable experience without sacrificing style. It also demonstrates our commitment to aesthetic harmony.

Q4. Over the years, there have been a lot of shifts in the footwear industry. What are your thoughts on the same?

As the Founder of our Nostrain, I have seen the industry undergo dynamic changes. It has been crucial to embrace innovation, sustainability, and customer preferences. We put comfort, style, and environmentally friendly materials first to stay ahead. Our main tactic is to adjust to market trends while preserving our brand identity. The path entails constant evolution and a dedication to satisfying our discriminating customers’ ever-changing needs.

Q5. Can you tell us about a pair in particular from your collection that you adore and why?

Indeed, One of my favourite pairs from Nostrain is the Cork Sandals. This design perfectly captures the brand’s essence with its unmatched comfort and sleek, minimalistic aesthetic. One thing is guaranteed: it is a luxury feel by the combination of premium materials made of cork, and our dedication to craftsmanship is evident in our meticulous attention to detail.

Q6. Given the constantly shifting dynamics of the fashion industry, how do you see NoStrain developing over the coming years?

As the company founder, I see NoStrain growing by remaining flexible in response to changes in the shoe market. We’ll use technology to support creative designs, implement eco-friendly procedures, and promote a community-focused attitude. Following current trends while maintaining moral principles and environmental responsibility will be essential. NoStrain’s leadership in fashion will persist due to collaborations, data-driven perspectives, and client involvement. NoStrain’s steadfast adherence to its fundamental principles, tenacity, and never-ending education have made it a significant and moral player.