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Credent Team | One Stop Solution for Recruitment & Training

Credent Group is known for setting a benchmark in a wide spectrum of industries. After becoming a go to brand…

Credent Team | One Stop Solution for Recruitment & Training

Credent Group is known for setting a benchmark in a wide spectrum of industries. After becoming a go to brand for our Healthcare partners across the country for years, They are continuing the same legacy and have gone beyond their comfort to add value to their customers and making an impact in Executive Recruitment and Experiential Corporate Learning.

Be it hiring a great resource or conducting a meaningful & fun filled Experiential Workshop, Credent team delivers the best quality experience.

Credent Team believes that Recruitment and Training go hand in hand. That is why at Credent Team we passionately try to mingle the two in order to deliver a meaningful experience to our customers. A recent research has found that three out of four working Indian professionals are looking for job change and this is where Credent Team is bridging the gap between talented candidates & our HR partners.

During the pandemic, most of the workers are adjusting themselves to working from home. Hence finding Self-motivated, Independent & Proactive candidates has become the need of the hour. 

One of the reasons for the swift growth of Credent Team is that it provides 360-degree solutions to all of its customers. From screening the best profiles to providing complete post-hiring training solutions, Credent team never fails to deliver the best.  


Over the past few years, Credent Team has been successfully filling the gaps between Recruitment & Training and thus emerging as an industry expert.

A few areas where our customers trust us for recruitments are:

  • Immediate Hiring: Team Credent is known for fulfilling its clientÂs requirements on an urgent basis. We have an experienced team of HR that helps us to deliver speedy and quality service. Clients contact us in case of emergency and we provide them with great resources in the shortest possible time.
  • Payroll Processing: Our Payroll Management is designed to take care of all employee related functions while keeping human intervention out of it. We have a well defined SOP and quality standards of accuracy through which we minimize data handling by automating most of the tasks. We base our payroll processing rules and logic on the opinion of our experts who closely monitor various government and tax regulations.
  • Man-Power Outsourcing: Credent team specializes in offering manpower on a contractual, one-off and temporary basis. It holds a rigorous selection process of candidates. Therefore, each one, chosen to be a part of our team, undergoes specialized training to enhance his or her skills. We also conduct background checks for each candidate. Outsourcing manpower requirements saves time and money in addition to getting the job done in a smoother and hassle free way.
  • Job Seekers: Credent team provides a great platform to all the candidates who are looking for an opportunity to fulfil their dreams. It has already helped hundreds of candidates to successfully work at their dream places and live happy lives.

ÂEmployee EngagementÂ

It is evident from the prevailing scenario that employee engagement is the biggest challenge for Human Resources at the workplace and overcoming this is not a cakewalk. In order to increase the quality of employee engagement for our customers, Credent Team delivers Experiential Training sessions. Experiential learning not only helps to enhance the quality & outcome of the training program but also helps learning to stay longer. Different researches show that experiential learning method can help in retaining up to 90 per cent of what a participant has learnt, compared to the other training methods where the result can be as low as 10 per cent.

Experiential workshops delivered by Credent Team help the learning session go beyond just simple training to an opportunity for participants to practice what they have learnt and apply it back at the workplace more confidently. At Credent we believe laughter is not an enemy to learning. Hence our sessions are fun and engaging which make the entire learning process memorable and enjoyable.

Some of the most popular areas of training where Credent Team is adding value to the lives of its customers are:

Team Building: You must have heard of this phrase countless times. At Credent we understand that we cannot change any teamÂs behavior after one training session. That is why we say, ÂWe are just catalysts for a changeÂ. Through our Team Building sessions, we help teams to understand the significance of sharing a common goal and working together to achieve it.

Under Team Building space we are successfully delivering sessions for:

  • Offsites Engagements Across the Country.
  • Product Launch.
  • Vendor Meet.
  • Cross-Functional Get-together.
  • Feedback Sessions.
  • Values Roll-Out.
  • Change in Company Mission.
  • Initiative Roll-Out.
  • Inter-department alignment.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Strategy Meet.

Innovation & Leadership Workshop: We are living in an era of constant change. Be it technology or working style, everything is changing faster than ever before. Organizations need to keep innovating themselves to stand out against their competitors.

A recent survey, conducted for 600 plus Global Business Executives & Managers by McKinsey & Company shows that, those who described their organizations as more innovative than other companies of the same industry, rated its leadership capabilities as Âstrong or ÂVery StrongÂ. Where as those who believed the ability of their organization was below average rated its leadership capabilities as Âsignificantly lower or Poor.

At Credent we have a team of experienced facilitators who have been conducting leadership workshops for many years. Our Innovative workshops are designed in a way that instead of only teaching some techniques to innovate, we believe in leveraging their wisdom and design a solution by the end of the workshop that can be implemented immediately.

The team at Credent makes sure that we create an experience for the customers at every touchpoint. Be it designing and sharing a customized proposal with our clients or sharing compiled program videos or photos post-program. Credent team closes the entire circle for our training partners.

So, next time if you are looking for a good resource or need to upgrade your teamÂs skill, do connect with Credent Team.

If you want to work in our organization you can reach us at and Join our growing team. We are currently hiring

  • Recruitment Head
  • Senior Recruiter
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