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Cybriq is set to Launch Its New AI-based Platform to learn Cyber Security

Cybriq is set to Launch Its New AI-based Platform to learn Cyber Security

Launched in 2020, Cybriq offers various level Cyber Security courses to students and corporate professionals. The startup to empower individuals and make them cyber security experts in this digital era of growing cybercrimes and also help them build a career in this fast-growing industry.

More than 5000 students have registered on the portal at present.

The initial journey

Cybriq was founded by Prameel Arjun, a renowned Cyber Security Expert and Ethical Hacker from Bangalore. He has been recently awarded as Indian Ambassador of Cyber Security in Education in July 2020 by Govt of India & ITU - United Nations, Geneva.

Prameel says, he thought of creating Cybriq with an aim fully committed to building a robust team of cyber security experts saddled with the responsibility of revealing new vulnerabilities and strengthening open source tools in order to ensure safety of data, property and financial transactions.

“We faced several challenges in the beginning. Due to the lockdown our entire team was working from home and we had a very tough time managing the servers. We had many students enrolling everyday and our servers went down drastically due to the unprecedented rush. It took lot of time for us to restore and now we have come up with an all-new based AI platform for the better experience. We are thankful for our users who understood us and supported us all throughout” says Vamsi Krishna, who leads Marketing and Customer Support at Cybriq.

The Product

The course curriculums are divided into four categories – beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional.

The beginner level course – Cyber Security Mastery involves learning Ethical hacking from scratch where any student from any background can start learning cyber security.

Intermediate level course includes Bug Hunting, which teaches students to find vulnerabilities in applications, reporting and earning bounty/rewards.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing is the part of advanced level curriculum which deals with Network Pentesting, Wireless Pentesting and Cyber Forensics.

The professional curriculum is mainly for individuals who are looking to kickstart their career in cyber security industry by offering various industry level recognized certification courses.

“The youngest student learning on our platform is 11 years old, this shows the interest and passion among the youth to learn Cyber Security which is also one of the high paying jobs today” says Raghu Vamsi, who handles the servers and communities at Cybriq.

The Business

Currently Bootstrapped, Cybriq reported $200k revenue rate in just 6 months, growing rapidly at 100-150 percent month-on-month. Its revenue model is based on course subscriptions. The students sign up for a free webinar, after which they will have to take a paid subscription, which ranges from Rs 5999 to Rs 1,49,999 per course.

Cybriq claims the conversion rates from free webinar to paid courses is pretty decent compared to others in the edtech industry. The course levels are priced at Rs 5,999, Rs 14,999, Rs 49,999, and Rs 79,999 and 1,49,999. However, the average ticket size for the courses is Rs 44,999.

Future Plans

Cybriq is looking forward to complete 10,000 student enrolments in next 3 months. They want to expand globally mainly in countries like USA, UK, Singapore and also launch mobile apps for better learning by early 2021.

“Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, our month on month growth has increased to more than 100 percent, with a massive rise in student enrolments. Our focus is on increasing our technical capacities, creating automations, focusing on quality content and conducting more live sessions so that more students have access to our courses,” says Prameel Arjun.

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