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Dalmia Cements Invests in G Square Industrial Estate: Purchases up to 110 acres of prime industrial land

 In what comes as a piece of major industrial news for the state of Tamil Nadu, Dalmia Cements has decided to purchase 110 acres of land in the G Square Industrial Estate. Tamil Nadu has been encouraging manufacturers to increase production and contribute to the economic growth of the state.

 Dalmia Cements is one of India’s largest cement makers and are a market leader in their industry. They collaborate with engineers and gearheads across the country and create a range of cement-tailored projects. They have the vision to create an innovative India and make the world a better place. In that context, it comes as no surprise that, Dalmia Cements has invested in G Square Industrial Estate, one of the most visionary projects to have ever been set up in Tamil Nadu. The project is located in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu, and is very popular. Insiders say that the move by Dalmia Cements comes after extensive studies about Tamil Nadu and the multiple prospects that are present in the state.

 There are many reasons why Tamil Nadu can be considered the primary place for expansion. Some of these reasons are-

  • Tamil Nadu is experiencing a tremendous upward shift in the economy and in urbanization.
  • The state of Tamil Nadu has a tremendous pool of talented workforce.
  • Tamil Nadu is connected to major highways, airports, and seaports for quick movement across the country.
  • Tamil Nadu has become the country’s 2nd largest economy and accounted for 8.65% of the GDP in the financial year (2020-2021)
  • Tamil Nadu produced an economic growth rate of almost 6% in the financial year (2021-2022)

 G Square Industrial Estate’s Arakkonam project is a massive hit amongst industries such as Dalmia Cements and others. Industries that are looking for expansion will find this project highly suitable for them. The project offers ample benefits such as easy availability of labor, excellent railway connectivity, amazing air connectivity, etc. In fact, connectivity has been made a priority and for that reason, the project comes with an inbuilt railway siding that comes directly into the project. One of the major reasons for this large investment can also be the fact that G Square Industrial Estate offers pre-approved land for steel and cement industries. This ensures that the companies do not have to worry about bureaucratic headaches and do not run from pillar to post for getting the approvals.

 Another major advantage of the G Square Industrial Estate is the ability of work-ready land that is available in the project. This means that the industry work can be started immediately upon purchase. The industrial project also comes with an inbuilt helipad which will ensure that supervision and emergency travel are not difficult. The project also provides abundant water, electricity, and telecom services.

 Dalmia Cements might also have been encouraged by the fact that the project is located close to many other famous industries such as FL Smidth, KCP types of cement, MRF tires, L&T cement, and Ramco types of cement, etc.


Tamil Nadu has seen massive economic growth in terms of GDP, recording a 5.87% economic growth rate for the year 2021 despite the covid pandemic. Considering the many other benefits this project is the best choice for manufacturing industries like Dalmia Cements.


By TIS Staffer
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