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Dashmi, woman biker who travel to save the lives of people amid this pandemic

“Let us help each other and let us start spreading humanity more and less hatred”-Dashmi What if every woman on…

Dashmi, woman biker who travel to save the lives of people amid this pandemic

ÂLet us help each other and let us start spreading humanity more and less hatredÂ-Dashmi

What if every woman on the planet had the courage to defy social norms and push themselves to be a better person? It will be a day when we can truly state that our country is progressing. Dashmi, a biker, defied social expectations and pushed herself every day. She is a mother, a science teacher who has been a true inspiration from many women out there.

Her Journey

Dashmi started her Bike riding Journey in the year 2017 in a normal scooty and it was her first solo ride from “Chandralayout” to “Doddaladamara” which is near Tavarekere.

She always wanted to do more which is inspiring and motivating in her life and thought of riding a “gear bike” which seemed more challenging to her but she did it.  She learned driving and in the same year, bought her first bike which is “Avengers” and went for her first solo ride on his gear bike to “Lepakshi Temple” which is in Andhrapradesh, this way she started connecting with many “Bikers Team” and started participating in all the “Biker’s Event”.

During the initial days of her journey, she was criticized for riding a geared bike but she took all the critics from society in a positive way and built herself, even more, stronger than she was and she believes because of people she has reached where she is today. They challenged her to do more in the best way and today she is the woman who travelled from “Karnataka to Kanyakumari “

Leh Ladakh, Rameshwaram and all over Karnataka in the Bike. She felt more alive when she travelled alone because it gave her the feeling of discovering a new place, meeting new people, learning about their culture, eating their food, and living their way of life. Talking about the same she said, ÂThe way they connect with you, the way they treat you like family, makes you feel safe, and you will have no choice but to love those you meet on your journey!Â

A frontline worker

In 2019 she switched from “Avengers” to “Royal Enfield-650cc” and her exploring journey continued and again she started getting this thought that “I have to do something more to the Society” she started her journey by registering as a civic leader in BBMP and started working in Covid emergency helpline delivering “Emergency Medicine” to the people on her bike this was during the Covid 1st wave. She never cared about the distance and always wanted to help people and continued her work doing so.

Because of her noble work, she got more blessings from her elders. Recalling one of those memories she said, Â I still remember one person who was aged around 85, he was so happy when I went to give him his medicines, he told me that “I felt like my daughter came home” to see how I’m and this bought me in tears.Â

 As the days passed cities were getting affected again due to the 2nd wave of covid, the situation got worst than ever. As a Corona Warrior, she started her work by conducting a “Vaccination Drive” for the elders but they were so scared of getting vaccinated. She convinced them to take their vaccination dose was a big thing for her team.

After a few days, she started feeling that the work which she is doing is not satisfactory and she is capable of doing a lot more for society. Thinking this she reached the BBMP office and asked the officer to give her some challenging task so that she can help people in a better way. She was assigned to work as an informer of the availability of beds in Victoria Hospital and her job was to update the availability of ICU and normal beds, and the number of patients who are being admitted and who are being discharged from the hospital to the BBMP helpline desk.

She was so happy that she was finally doing something better to help people and she reached my place of work and the very first day she got to know that she was assigned to work in the “Red Zone” despite it she did not step back, took it as a challenge and started working there even though she was seeing more dead bodies been discharged than a normal human being discharged. But her attitude didnÂt let her give up. She was literally roke inside by seeing around 50 dead bodies in a week, but she completed her assigned task for a week in the victoria hospital and next started delivering long-distance medicine kit to the home isolation people on her bike and also arranged ration kit for 10 people. Along with she provided nutritious home-cooked food for 500 needy people with the support of Lion’s club and by a member of the Sangeetha family.

With all the experience she has till today she said,  “There is no such thing called tomorrow! we only have today and today is the day where we can be happy and help each other.Â

Every women should be like Dashmi daring, challenging and courageous enough to work on her aspirations.