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Debashish Talukdar – a new star in the galaxy of digital market

Debashish Talukdar

Digital market is becoming a major boon to the business industry. It is providing small businesses with a chance to promote themselves. Helping people and brands to build up a reputation. Similarly, it is offering a good deal of opportunities to young entrepreneurs. There is quite a long list of young entrepreneurs, but here we chose one of the best and the youngest entrepreneurs Debashish Talukdar, who has gained a lot of fame and popularity, by being a booster for digital marketing world.
He is handling a company that is the result of his hard work and dedication towards his goal.

Talukdar is a very generous, helpful, dedicated, and focused man of 22. He belongs to a middle-class family in a suburban area called Barpeta Road of West Assam, India.

He did his schooling at a private school and graduated from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.

Not only he is managing an agency which is specialized in Social Media marketing/management, Creating content, and distributing consulting Brands, but also he lit up with an idea of UVC and a Self-driving Sanitary Robot.
Both of these are a good help in this situation of pandemics. These products are launched under the name of the company Valetudo Systems.

UVC is a device that works on keeping the food hygienic and safe from bacteria and viruses. So as to keep people healthy and safe. It is mainly meant to be used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and offices.
It works through uvc and magnetron which kill bacteria from food and provides microwave energy too respectively. It is also fitted with an inbuilt camera if you wish to see the process you can, on your phone.

Now Self-driving Sanitary Robot is another automatic machine that is specialized to keep hospitals, offices, restaurants, and big houses sanitized. This machine can sanitize up to 120 sq ft area just in five minutes. A GPS is also set inside which helps in detecting if the place is already sanitized or not.

Talukdar stated that he was very upset to see the situation of the pandemic, due to which people scared of visiting any place and afraid of working in offices. That’s what brought him with this idea. With his friends, he worked on it and came up with results.

We must say Debashish Talukdar is learning and growing more and more every single moment. And raising his parent’s heads with pride.

And this is just not the ending he is looking forward to taking his company to touch the heights. Also trying his best to serve this society with his knowledge and experience. Also allowing people around him to grow as he is growing.

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