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Debjyoti Saha announces free education and scholarship to 12th passout through his venture AdmissionJockey

Debjyoti Saha announces free education and scholarship to 12th passout through his venture AdmissionJockey

Working professionals and students pursuing higher education have embraced online education and search portals in droves. These types of online students benefit from the autonomy and freedom that these sites provide. Due to the covid pandemic, many students pursuing higher education cannot visit the various colleges to see the campuses and the courses provided by them due to the restrictions imposed by the govt. so, the students tend to find an online solution to their problems. Here is where Admission Jockey steps in.

Debjyoti Saha, the founder of Admission Jockey, is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Falakata village in West Bengal's Alipurduar district. He comes from a working-class family with a modest business. He moved to Dehradun to complete his graduation in agriculture. He always wanted to do some job and contribute to society's problems. In the year 2020, he began his search and discovered Admission Jockey, a one-stop solution for all your admission needs, where students may search institutions by region, course, and exam.

Admission Jockey (www.admissionjockey.com) aspires to be the greatest among India's top higher education search sites. The website includes a diverse set of educational institutions, making admission a straightforward procedure for students around the country. They provide students with a stellar range of services. They have compiled a list of all Indian institutions in one spot for students to investigate, compare, and evaluate numerous aspects, location, courses provided, course duration, course costs, placements, infrastructure, and other factors are among the several sorts of criteria. On a one-on-one basis, they provide free educational counselling from a panel of qualified advisers. Admission Jockey assists every student in identifying their career requirements and locating their dream colleges in no time. They make it simple for students to obtain school loans from reputable private banks, business financing firms, and government programmes. Find and compare student loans from India's top universities. Students may search for and contact economical hostels and low-cost lodging near their campus. Apart from housing, they also include a variety of additional services for each student on their website, such as coaching centres, stationery stores, and so on, depending on their chosen area.

This website is a one-stop solution for every student’s college hunt. Admission Jockey is leaving no stone unturned to contribute to our society during these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many unfortunate families have lost their breadwinners to coronavirus disease. And needless to say, a lot of members of underprivileged families have lost their job to the pandemic. To help such families fulfil the dreams of educating their children, Admission Jockey has come up with two promising scholarships - Admission Jockey Education Drive Scholarship and Admission Jockey Student Dream Scholarship

Admission Jockey Build Your Future Scholarship

Admission Jockey Education Drive Scholarship is a national scholarship by Admission Jockey where they will bear the cost of the entire education of 20 children in whose family the earning member is deceased. With the Admission Jockey Education Drive Scholarship, they ensure that COVID-19 cannot shatter the dreams of young students.

Admission Jockey Student Dream Scholarship

Admission Jockey Student Dream Scholarship is a national scholarship for all the underprivileged students in India whose family does not have the resources to support their higher education. Admission Jockey is providing this scholarship worth INR 25 Lakhs to students across India every year to build the nation of our dreams. Every young mind deserves the education they want to pursue, and they have started this scholarship to lighten the burden on their shoulders.

Visit their website www.admissionjockey.com and send them a request for the scholarships. Fill in the required details and their team will reach you in no time.

They have specifically tailored this site for ease of use for the students. Admission Jockey makes everything easier in these times of need for the students.

For the founder’s creative ideas, the company was selected as the top 100 start-up ideas in the country. And for the upcoming entrepreneurs, Debjyoti said, “Stay calm and don't give up, keep patience. Because the ed-tech market is the market where it takes time for customer acquisition. So, keep patience and go-ahead!” Like Debjyoti Saha, the students should always be motivated and focused in order to achieve their goals.

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