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Dildar Virk heals lives with spirituality & aura mapping

The strength of a healer comes from preserving the bravery and awareness to embrace and express the universal healing force…

Dildar Virk heals lives with spirituality & aura mapping

The strength of a healer comes from preserving the bravery and awareness to embrace and express the universal healing force that every human being possesses naturally. If you were born with the ability to impact someone’s view or sentiments, never waste it. One of the most potent talents God grants is the ability to persuade. Enliven Group Co-Founder Dildar Virk is a Life and Business Coach, a Master Healer, and a Solution Finder who has over the years garnered knowledge of occult sciences. He assists individuals in finding solutions to their problems, all the while believing in alleviating the worldÂs pain.

With his knowledge, he has been offering answers and solutions to thousands of individuals using the secret and sacred wisdom of the cosmos that is scientific, practical, result-oriented, and simple to use.

For the last 22 years, he has been exploring esoteric sciences and human mind capabilities. He is the creator of a revolutionary treatment technique known as ÂCosmic Energy HealingÂ, which is noted for its immediate results and speedy recovery from diseases. With his expertise in the subject, he has created several cosmic energy healing symbols over the years, which are widely used by healers and masters across the oceans.

Not only has he brought a revolution in the realm of occult science, but he is also the inventor of ÂModern Meditation Techniques’. His Âone-minute meditation and Âzero thinking meditation are extremely popular among the masses.

Dildar has taught thousands of energy healers who are serving humanity and spreading hope and happiness all over the world. He also works for free for the poor people of Africa, teaching them about mental health and providing them with free therapeutic sessions.

Having deeply studied occult science, he believes that our body’s seven chakras help us maintain our lives and that if one of them becomes imbalanced, the routine is thrown off. For the same, he has aided over 3 lakh people, improving their lives with mindful instructions.

He has been serving police officials, doctors, and frontline workers with his stress management techniques during the ongoing course of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Moreover, he is a sound and frequency expert master healer. He holds the rein in handling healing instruments like Planetary Gongs and Singing Bowls.

Dildar Virk as an occult science instructor

Dildar claims that everyone has all the answers, and he teaches others how to find them. Thousands of people have learned and applied his tactics and formulae to achieve their goals in all areas of their lives, including relationships, health, finances, emotional well-being, and psychological well-being. He has been guiding people in every field conceivable so that they can live a stress-free and tension-free life.

In the near future, he plans to establish an occult science course, which will cost between 20,000 and 30,000 rupees on the market. But he, on the other hand, is offering the same training for only 1000 rupees. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn at a very low price, and from a healer with years of expertise.

Currently, he is providing virtual courses in more than 200-300 varieties. Before the pandemic had hit all, he was providing offline coaching as well. People join him in search of answers to life’s major issues, such as why one exists, if pain can be blamed on God, what happens after death, or what exactly is karma.

One can opt for this online coaching on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even his website has all the details. If you are looking to seek his direction and get answers to your life difficulties, join him in revealing the secrets of your life’s hidden powers. 

To know about him more, you can follow him on:-   

Facebook:-    https://www.facebook.com/imdildarvirk

Linkedin:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/dildar-virk-246b3320a/

Instagram :- https://www.instagram.com/dildar_virk/


Dildar Virk’s website:- www.dildarvirk.com

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