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Director Gabriel Robert To Come Up With Cartoon Film In Bollywood Soon

Director Gabriel Robert To Come Up With Cartoon Film In Bollywood Soon

Bollywood has observed a lot of experiments in the past few years but one genre which still lacks is 'cartoon' or animation films. There is one man Gabriel Robert who takes this challenge and is ready to make a big-budget cartoon film based in Bollywood.

Gabriel Robert will sport the director's cap for the film which will be one of its kind cartoon films of Bollywood.

He is in talks with the animation studios to make the film look realistic. These films have a less success rate in Bollywood but the confident Gabriel Robert feels that moviegoers in India is desperate to see something different and his film will not only be a commercial success but it will also 

receive acclaims from the critics.

When asked why a cartoon film? He said, "I personally feel that this genre has been left untouched by Bollywood filmmakers. I love cartoon characters since my childhood. Hence, I will live my dreams with this film. Making it would be a dream come true experience for me."

Robert has a huge fan following on social media networks and he has thousands of followers on his Instagram profile. His Instagram Display Picture (DP) is a proof that how much he loves cartoons.

Sources close to the director informed that he is in talks with top Bollywood producers and something good will soon come out. The film will have voices of various Bollywood actors who will not use their own voice but sound like cartoon characters. Some talented voice-over artists have been contacted for the film.

Gabriel said, “You will get to see Hollywood like animation in the film and a completely new cartoon character will come to life. The target audience certainly would be kids but adults too will love to watch the film.”

It has been heard that film will have essence of Bollywood to keep it entertaining for the Indian film lovers and also woo a big audience. The cartoon film will be released in various countries and it will be dubbed in various languages including the regional ones.

Bollywood has not done many experiments in this field and few films on the topic have faced set back at the Bollywood Box Office. In such a case it definitely would be a risky affair for Gabriel Robert we hope that the film would be fun to watch.

The film is slated for March 2020 release and shooting for the same will begin very soon.

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