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Divya Kapoor aka Diva is an emerging tattoo artist, fashion designer & with many amazing skills

Divya Kapoor aka Diva is an emerging tattoo artist, fashion designer & with many amazing skills

Some are born with exceptional talent, and the one who practiced hard in the field he/she love then no one can stop them from achieving success in life. We met one fabulous talent who is multitalented, what will you call her A Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Tattoo Artist and what not? Divya Kapoor is a gem of talent and she is using it in the right direction. Diva who hails from North India (Jammu and Kashmir) and has her tattoo studio named ‘Taboo the tattooist’ located in the beautiful city of Jammu. She’s is only Female Tattoo Artist in Jammu (J&K). Diva is proving to be an example for all the youth who are aspiring to become a Tattoo artist. Although her journey to become one wasn’t so easy, as she did not have any formal training in tattoo art. She explains in her own words, “From being a small-time temporary tattoo artist to become an expert inking artist wasn’t a piece of cake, the journey was really hard. When I attended a seminar to learn the art, there was no one to try upon, so I used my own body and inked myself to master the art which was very difficult, but I never lost hope and never looked back”. For her passion for the art, she kept working relentlessly. Diva has picked up amazing tattoo skills at an unbelievable pace. She is inspired by her husband Gourav Jamwal, who is also a famous tattoo artist in India. Beacause of her appealing beauty, Diva is also getting offers from Pollywood. Diva is an ideal example for people who want to achieve big things in life. If you don't get success in one thing, you can try other things in life. You have to just bring out your inner strength in life to achieve big in life. Here's wishing Divya Kapoor all the best for her upcoming ventures. This girl will do many things in life as she blessed with some talent, and she is using her skill in the right direction by working hard on things passionately.

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