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Done with sockets. What’s next for wireless cans?

Gone are those days when a Bluetooth headphone pair could simply let you enjoy wireless connectivity. They are more than…

Done with sockets. What’s next for wireless cans?

Gone are those days when a Bluetooth headphone pair could simply let you enjoy wireless connectivity. They are more than that now and the current market trend for wireless headphones is all about enhancing consumer experience globally. Through adding more and more innovative features to stand out in the ever-evolving scenario, new brands are coming to the fore offering a tough competition to the stalwarts. Every brand is trying to cater more to the needs of on-the-go people for whom connection speed, better looks, and improved noise-canceling modes with low energy consumption matter. Adapting to the recent drift of moving towards advanced technology is one Indian brand  World of PLAY

Technological factors defining World of PLAY as a key market player for Bluetooth headphones

If you havenÂt yet checked out the World of PLAY Bluetooth headset, PLAYGO BH70, here is a brief list of features why they are quite ahead of the curve:

  • Incorporating AI technology: There are not many AI headsets in the current market. Artificial Intelligence is also something new in the world of hearing aids. The Washington-based Hearing Industries Association, Inc., mentions that an AI hearing aid can detect the environment and learn oneÂs listening preferences in real-time. If there is a noisy environment, the aids automatically, through machine learning, switch to offer more clarity to people talking near them.

The PLAYGO BH70 wireless headphones specifically focus on customizing the listening experience for each individual through this similar AI algorithm. The fact is everyoneÂs hearing is different and with age, some audio frequencies become less audible. Machine learning might as well be the next step in adapting to the different environments in real-time. With these headphones by World of PLAY, the AI algorithm makes sure the listener gets to listen to every frequency in the audible spectrum. To make it even convenient for the users to understand this technology, they come with an additional app, PLAYGO. The app shows the frequencies the AI algorithm optimises and it can also be switched off.  If you tap on the Confirm button on the app, it will remember your specific preferences the next time you put them on. 

  • Infrared sensor: Along with the advanced AI algorithm, these headphones come with an infrared sensor that activates as soon as you put them down. The music automatically pauses and you can resume listening right where you left off. This makes it highly convenient to use with your busy lifestyle. 
  • Hybrid noise cancellation: In the current market trend, studies show that the budget Active Noise Cancelling headphones are going through a massive decline. This is the cue for the new brands to focus on delivering exceptionally high quality to stay in the game. Pioneers in the market such as Sony offer incredible Active Noise Cancelling with its proprietary Adaptive Sound Control that, in a nutshell, can adapt to any surrounding. Following the same trend, the PLAYGO BH70 headphones offer superior noise-cancelling by attaching four different microphones that constantly check the outside noise. The app also allows you to turn On/Off or set levels of its Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Feature if you are at home with no noisy surroundings. 

The competition is soaring high when it comes to the growing demands in ease-of-use and quality. World of PLAY offers innovative wireless audio devices such as the PLAYGO BH70 at an exceptional mid-range price, which alone beats the market scenario.