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Dr. Abhinav Kumar Shrivastava: The Pioneer of Modern Cyber Security in India

Coal Town Boy, Dr, Abhinav Kumar Shrivastava is the “MasterKey” Developer for Cyber Security of India, and Selfless Protectionist of…

Dr. Abhinav Kumar Shrivastava: The Pioneer of Modern Cyber Security in India

Coal Town Boy, Dr, Abhinav Kumar Shrivastava is the ÂMasterKey Developer for Cyber Security of India, and Selfless Protectionist of ÂInnocent and WomanhoodÂ.

With the growing pace of cyber technology, Cyber Crime has also risen drastically. While we are going to welcome 5G, the unforeseen demon of cyber threat is ready to attack us all around. Dr. Abhinav Kumar Shrivastava has developed a ÂMaster Key to effectively handle and solve the majority of cybercrimes. Dr. AbhinavÂs Research Article titled ÂCyber Security in Modern Era has been accepted at the ÂInternational Management Conference on Post Covid Management Strategies: Recovery, Resilience and Adaptation held at IIM Gaya. The article was widely appreciated and has brought a revolutionary positive impact on Cyber Security in India.

Dr. Abhinav connected all the dots using the available legal resources and structured this comprehensive research article which is ÂSwift and User FriendlyÂ. The article single-handedly hooked all forms of Cyberbullying, cyber blackmailing, digital currency fraud, and major forms of Cyber Crime in India.

Throwing lights on his research methodology, Dr. ShrivastavaÂs PRO replied ÂOur team strictly adheres to Âoath of secrecy subject to be verified by forensic and polygraph Test to maintain steel strong secrecy firewall referral to the ruling of Honorable Supreme Court of India in case the Selvi V/s State of Karnataka, Verdict instructed by HonÂble Chief Justice of India, Justice K.J. BalaKrishnan dated 10-05-2010. These steps are taken to earn the confidence of the victim, so that she/he may not feel insecure.Â

ÂOur Team is highly obliged to our Legal Advisor and Partner ÂG.GIRI & Company for assisting 24X7 to combat cybercrime, crime against women, he further added.

Dr. Abhinav was born and brought up at the mining township of Jayant Colliery of Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. Earned his MasterÂs degree from highly prestigious IIT(ISM) Dhanbad securing All India Rank-1 in Entrance Examination cracking one of the worldÂs toughest Examination CAT. He completed his Ph.D. in just 2 years and one month with more than 15 Research Papers and two International Diplomatic Academic Assignments to his research credit. He is classified as one of the finest brains among the younger generation of Academicians. He holds 7 Copyright and has penned more than 21 Impact Factor Journal and three books to his credit. His near ones share that he is immense hardworking, sharp and too shy, and introverted in nature.

Renu, a 47-year old mother, shared how Dr. Shrivastava helped her daughter fighting cybercrime, ÂMy daughter was in deep depression and attempted suicide also, as she has been long blackmailed and sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend by her personal videos. Somehow I came to know about Dr. Shrivastava. We approached him and got a response within 12 hours. And in the next 3 days, the culprit was behind the bars as well as all personal videos of my daughter were officially deleted from the culpritÂs mobile as well as other cloud storage. My daughter is blossoming again now.Â

Ajith Subramanyam, a medical professional from Cochin, shared ÂI got a video call from an unknown number and as I am a doctor so I picked the call. The other side was blurring and after 10-15 seconds a vulgar fabricated video came to me and demanded 50k in two hours or being viral of fabricated video. I am not that tech-savvy. I turned helpless and rang my friends. Someone shared Dr. AbhinavÂs number. I contacted him. Dr. Shrivastava not only shared the legal process but saved me and my honor in just two hours!! And the culprit was caught by ÂCyber Cell within two days.Â

Another person named Joseph shared his views, he says, ÂBeing an elderly person it becomes difficult for me to keep updated with the evolving technology. One day I received a call for a KYC update. I shared the card details and my life savings of 35 lakhs vanished in 10 seconds. For the period of 2 years, I had to rush daily in order to revive my life savings. Somehow, I got connected with Dr.Abhinav who guided me to approach the Ombudsman of the Reserve Bank of India which further eased my path by helping me in drafting an application. After a legal battle of four months, I got my money back and later culprits were also caught and jailed. Without Dr. Abhinav, it was an impossible task for me to get my money back and win the cyber battleÂ.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Shrivastava has got more than 4000 registrations for Women who are facing Cyber blackmailing. Till 30 September, Dr. Abhinav helped 187 women set free from Cybercrime and blackmailing following the official legal channels, maintaining a high code of secrecy of these women. (Any person who needs help can mail at info@shubhaaksharam.com )

Dr. Jaswant Sokhi, retired Professor of IGNOU, who has been also the Chairman for Apex Committee against sexual harassment for worldÂs largest University in terms of Student Enrollment shared her view, saying ÂThe novel Paper drafted by Dr. Abhinav is one of the finest concepts in most simple language which is served to masses and victims of cyber-crime and blackmailing. It focuses especially on women as it helps them to come out of traps and mental trauma making them stress-free. Thus, I can say Dr. Abhinav is a pioneer for modern Cyber Security in IndiaÂ.

The well-reasoned paper drafted by Dr. Abhinav is one of the finest compositions in the simplest language which will serve to masses and victims of cyber-crime and blackmailing, especially women will definitely get complete relief to come out of the trap and mental trauma. In todayÂs world, very few people have the courage to fight selflessly and fearlessly to combat deep-rooted social problems such as the Cyber Mafia. And Dr. Shrivastava is one of those genius minds for the protection of humanity. His innovations will definitely be a game-changer for 5G technology in India.

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