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Dr. Prakash Vishwakarma’s Cellular Services Centre Giving Youngsters A Second Chance At Life

Dr. Prakash Vishwakarma’s Cellular Services Centre Giving Youngsters A Second Chance At Life

A skill development centre in Indiranagar, Bengaluru, is teaching young men and women to become self-reliant through learning how to repair smartphones and laptops and go on to earn a livelihood for themselves. The centre, Prakash Cellular Service, is run by a unique venture, Prakash Skill Development Education Trust (PSDET), which was established in 2014. The venture is the brainchild of Dr. Prakash Vishwakarma, the Founder-CEO of the Trust, who belongs to the Bilaia area in Rajasthan. The driving force behind this Trust is Dr. Vishwakarma’s passion for modern electronic gadgets, which he realized later on in life while working with a portable store. The philanthropic streak in his personality inspired him to set up this Trust and go for training youngsters in new-age skills and gain a career.

Prakash, an alumni of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Tilwasni, Jodhpur, came to Bengaluru with little cash and lots of dreams in his pocket. Despite all the limitations of his life, he was a visionary. This vision and his own dream helped him notice that in the coming days, cell phones and laptops were going to guide human lives in every which way. From a small shop where he used to fix cell phones, Prakash is today operating out of a 3300 sq. ft. center where the most expensive, most popular and most tech-savvy instruments are repaired day in and day out.

Prakash Cellular Service is one of India’s leading, exclusive smartphone & laptop repairing Training & Education Center. It is located in Bengaluru and Dr. Vishwakarma proudly announces that the Center’s alumni are well-placed across the globe with MNCs like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, Nokia and HTC. Speaking about his inspiration behind the Trust and the Center, he says, “I was earning a decent income operating a humble mobile repairing shop in Bengaluru, and earning a decent livelihood for my family. One day, a thought struck me. Just like the knowledge of mobile and electronic repairing changed my life, it can change the life of other people too. So, I started Prakash Cellular Service. By God’s grace, this was well-received and I found that there were so many people who could benefit with this skill and knowledge.”

Since smartphones and laptops have taken over every aspect of human life in the modern era, there is huge requirement of skilled technicians who can take care of the services required in this direction. A visionary leader like Dr. Vishwakarma was able to foresee this scope in skill development area and use it to improve the lives of hundreds of needy persons.

Talking about his noble venture, Dr. Vishwakarma says, “The Center nurtures solid, refreshing, versatile cell-phone and PC professionals. Our students are trained in fixing every conceivable issue in a mobile phone or laptop. The Trust is also connected with legitimate institutions like the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), which helps its over-reach among the youngsters.” The Center helps the students stay up-to-date with the latest market trends, latest technologies and latest social improvement programs launched by government agencies. PSDET’s training program is also in touch with understudies from different states of India as well as from neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the UAE and New Zealand, etc. If you want to know more about this venture, you can visit their website.

The Indian govt. is already encouraging programmes like ‘Make in India” and “Startup India” to ensure that skill development remains the focus of studies, especially during career-building years. Dr. Prakash Vishwakarma is one such individual who is following the govt programmes in letter and spirit.

More power to him!

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