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Dr. Raj Padhiyar: best selling author presents a unique perspective about the digital industry to its readers

Dr. Raj Padhiyar, Author of 2 best-selling books “Social media and politics in India” and “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” share detailed insights about the Digital & Social media industry. The 1st book “Social media and politics in India” published in 2019 covers all secret tricks/techniques used by various political parties in India & their IT cell to reach out to their target voters & influence their mindset. The book mainly covers the impact of Social Media in Indian Politics with a light on International Politics.

“Over the years – Political parties, their leaders & specially their IT Cell have cracked the social media algorithm thus by posting and distributing content that is likely to go viral, drawing the attention of unsuspecting masses – specially potential voters,” claims Dr. Raj Padhiyar in his book. “Social media psychology suggests people respond more to content that evokes extreme emotions.” He also added.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, the second book by Dr. Raj Padhiyar published in 2020 reportedly the first academic book on digital marketing, talks about the digital marketing landscape and its implications with tools, case-studies, assignments, and more to give a complete understanding of all the verticals of digital media till 2020.

This is a sort of academic book that guides students and marketers to understand the changing landscape of marketing and the growing importance of digital marketing beyond just theory or overview – its compilation of interesting anecdotes, key statistics, case studies, and practical tools. It provides key insights into the digital marketing industry in a multi-layered and multi-faceted land in simple and lucid language.

Dr. Raj Padhiyar said – “Both the books are the result of his continuous research & hard work to go deep into the digital industry & present the comprehensive picture to readers in simple language. I’m confident that both the books would prove to be Bible for students and help them understand & explore in detail about the digital and social media industry. Both the book has 200 pages with English and Hindi version.”

Dr. Raj Padhiyar is now Founder ~ Digital Gurukul (Leading Edtech Company in Asia – which has trained 22850+ students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, SME’s across Asia.

Dr. Raj Padhiyar reportedly also working on his 3rd book to be launched in 2021 which is about – Covid-19 & how it fuelled the growth of the digital Industry.

Ravisha Poddar
the authorRavisha Poddar

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