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Dr. Shailesh Thaker – World-Class Trainer, Blogger, Motivator Par Excellence

Dr. Shailesh Thaker, Chief Learning Officer (CLO) of the renowned training Ahmedabad firm Knowledge Plus Inc., is inspiring life-changing decisions among millions of people through his training on organizational behaviour and development. His company is working with multiple organizations to achieve global standards in management practices and bring out the best in its workforce to attain the desired success.

Dr. Thaker considers 3 main influences on his life, who are J. Krishnamurthy, Swami Vivekananda and M.K. Gandhi. And it is these great personalities that are reflected in every aspect of his work life, making him recognized as a world-class thinker, who is widely acclaimed and awarded at the global level. His vision for the world of tomorrow is magnificent and it is as this – “The world shall be competency-driven, talent lovers, and usage of technology will be far much more than this century. Natural resources shall be used with caution.”

Talking about the more pressing times right now, Dr. Thaker calls COVID-19 “an alarming situation for mankind.” However, despite his concern for the world, he remains a prolific writer who has written 100+ books in the past 3 decades and who is the happiest in his own company. Most of his books are bestsellers and some of the most popular titles are – I Am Legend, Leadership Tomorrow, and You Are The Creator Of Your Destiny.

He is such a prolific writer that he can write anywhere, be it mountains, hotels, airport, open fields, etc. When asked what is required, though, for writing, he replies, “Emotional stability! I am emotionally enabled. I hardly get disturbed by life or people or events.  Even when someone very close to me shares the most unusual, unexpected things, most of the time, I am hardly perturbed by it.”

It is this amazing clarity of thought that has seen Dr. Thaker achieve immense success and respect across the world. He has been invited as the “Most Influential Speaker” by the American Speakers Association. He is the writer of a top corporate management blog ranked No. 1 on Google traffic driven by 220 million keywords. Time Camp has ranked him as the 9th Most Influential Project Leader in the world. HR.COM (USA) awarded him the Oscar of Leadership 2020 for his contribution to betterment of human resources everywhere.

When asked about why he wasn’t seen much in the public, Dr. Thaker said, “I am more focusing on work and creation and living my life. No regret for people but I am happier with myself. My concern is self, not society.” Such humility and clarity of vision mark his work life in a huge way.

He is a busy man, no doubt about it because he is working round-the-clock, churning out books, training sessions and motivational speeches to help people achieve their best in work and life. Despite his life being hectic, Dr. Thaker loves it. Talking about his ever-busy work life, he says, “I believe, it is a cause of life and existence. I truly enjoy it. Any part of the day, I mean, 24 hours, whether it is a first half or second half. It won’t hurt at all. I lived between Tokyo and Toronto. So, the physical clock has a lesser value, in comparison to my creativity.”

One more thing that Dr. Thaker doesn’t bother about is ‘return.’ He believes that he came into this world to ‘create knowledge in favor of humanity’ and that is what he keeps doing. He writes inspiring stuff, for which he gets up at 5 a.m. every day and writes till it is lunchtime. He loves to write without any interruptions to maintain the excellent flow. His inspiration to write comes from Swami Satya Sankalp Dashjee and the Japanese spiritual guru Okawa, the latter, perhaps, being an influence from his days in Tokyo.

Dr. Thaker is the only Indian on board with the International Federation of Learning and Development, which has also included him in its list of Top 20 Management Trainers for 2020. With such immense honors and awards under his belt, Dr. Thaker remains a picture of humility and exuberance for the millions of his followers who take his every word seriously.

Among the several honors that he has received till date, the most prominent is that the World Book of Records, UK has recognized Dr. Thaker’s Class One contribution to learning and development, holding him as a remarkable cognitive thinker and creative writer, thanks to his blogs published globally. In an interview with the BBC, Dr Thaker was asked what inspired him for this life and he replied, “I was inspired by the poor street children, homeless senior citizens and nature. I am a live wire and gifted to work in favor of humanity. I believe that one should do something worthy so that others can write about you and get inspired by you. Though I cannot quantify what I got out of it, but I know that I am doing what I was meant to do in this world.”

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