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Glow x Grow, a brand inspired by its community is taking over the market by storm with its 38 ingredient blend. Dr. Suyomi Shah, the Formulator and Certified Dermatologist has gained a deeper understanding of concerns from her community on skin and hair. After 18 months of research and development later, Glow x Grow is live and the response has been beyond overwhelming.

 Dr. Su has put her heart and soul into this and really thought through every aspect of it from picking the right ingredients to finding the right vendors, to having it research-backed, to packaging, and delivering the best experience to everyone at Glow x Grow.

 It is a product of the tireless efforts of farmers, researchers, and a doctor. The Farmers, have hand-picked these ingredients. The researchers, who have tested the right proportions and mix of these ingredients, and The Doctor, who knows what’s best for your hair and skin.

 The brand says that “One thing that stays constant with Glow x Grow is product quality. It is non-negotiable and non-compromising”. The brand has gained loyal customers in just a few days of launch and they believe fiercely in Glow x Grow.  Dr. Su says, “ We are and will always be super proud of being a People’s Brand”.

 Glow x Grow wanted to deliver only what was best for its community. It is heavily research-backed. It is also manufactured in USFDA approved unit, Ayush Certified, 100% vegetarian with No added sugars, No added preservatives, and No added colors/ artificial flavors.

 The brand also believes that the more hands it takes to make a product, the more impact we can have. Building and upskilling the farmer community has been very important for Glow x Grow. Behind every pouch of Glow x Grow, the farmers have poured love and labor into picking the best of ingredients and bringing them directly to your table.

 From upskilling farmers to building an unmatched community on Instagram, Dr.Su Glow x Grow is surely more than just a brand.


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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