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Investment in strategic PR for the approaching festive season is important now, more than ever

It is the last quarter of the year and with this, it is the commencement of the Festive Season. This…

Investment in strategic PR for the approaching festive season is important now, more than ever

It is the last quarter of the year and with this, it is the commencement of the Festive Season. This means that brands would be competing on the grounds of marketing and target audiences to grab the attention of the consumers. Unlike the traditional times, the world of branding has witnessed a 360-degree transformation in this era of digitization. Digital media and social media have created a completely different foundation for businesses to reach and interact with the audience. No matter the industry or its size, Public Relations has indeed emerged as an integral part of any organisation for Brand Promotion and Outreach. 


According to recent research, India’s retail industry is projected to grow by 9 percent over 2019-2030, rising from US $779 billion in 2019 to US $1,407 billion by 2026, hiking double the percentage of recent years. Evaluating more than the US $1.8 trillion by 2030, the retailers are learning from the more developed markets in the west and applying those brand promotion strategies to their companies. Considering the great Indian festivals, Brand activities and Marketing are also likely to peak as Ganesh Mahotsav, Dussehra/Durga Puja, and Diwali approach. This festive season’s predicted spenders are- FMCG, Consumer Durables, Real Estate, Household Electronics, Apparel, Jewellery, Personal Grooming, and Automobiles.


This is 2022 and without an era of digitization, and the same old traditional marketing techniques are no longer effective in this ever-evolving cut-throat competitive landscape. This is why digital Public Relations solutions have become the need of the hour for businesses to create a buzz during the Festive Season. Brands during this time of the year rush to create a perfect brand strategy and resonate with their target audience. Savin Communication, India’s first PR tech company, is known for its smart and effective Digital PR tools and has assisted various brands across various verticals in curating powerful brand campaigns and strategies. Savin Communication believes that it’s a BRAND new festive season which is an ideal time to implement a successful PR campaign because this is when people tend to indulge and make purchases.


An assertive and results-oriented PR campaign approach should include a strong media outreach to enhance brand recall in holidays through digital venues. 


Digital PR Solutions:- The need of the hour


Everyone knows that the holiday season is the best time to promote their products and services. The months of August to February are crucial for digital media placements because of holidays like Navrartri, Diwali and New Year. It is, therefore, highly advised to concentrate on a well-built PR campaign strategy that includes online coverages in some of the renowned publications across India. Savin Communication, a Noida-based Public Relations company has more than 100+ premium national and regional publications onboard, through which they assist brands in getting featured and reaching out to their target audience. With SMART PR and Programmatic PR, Savin Communication has empowered the brands to customise their Digital PR strategies and build credibility through time based, measurable outcomes. By creating an effective social media campaign, selecting the right publications, and tracking the target audience, Savin Communication enables businesses to boost their branding and assists them in staying ahead of their competitors.


Additionally, this is the time of year when gift recommendations featuring their greatest products are published almost daily in print, online, and broadcast media, making it crucial for brands to go for Digital PR solutions. The simple logic for this is- “The more you are visible, the more you get sold.”


Strong Social-Media Campaign 


Most surveys and market studies indicate that about 77% of people prefer to use online mode for shopping. This further increases during the Festive Season as online shopping allows consumers to scroll through various options. This is what makes social media platforms a crucial medium for promoting your brand. A rock-solid social media campaign for the brand should be in place, with an emphasis on Instagram in particular. Brand recognition will be enhanced by creating seasonal marketing initiatives to expand your product’s reach through well-known influencers. Promotional discounts, side-by-side comparisons, and most importantly, user reviews should all be used to promote products and increase website traffic.


Irrespective of their size or level of funding, small, mid, or big firms are constantly searching for merchandise that flatters their target market. To achieve this, the brand must set itself apart from competing products. In addition to helping them stay trending in the market, a strong PR and communication plan can boost sales and imprint a brand’s name in the eyes of its consumers. What’s said about a brand can optimise one’s PR Strategy for an inexpensive cost. Catering to the same, Savin Communication has highlighted the most useful PR tools that all brands use in the holiday season to increase their festive outreach and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Marketers can win a lot by staying sharp and acting fast when the festive opportunity arises. 


It’s BRAND new Festive Season so are you ready to elevate your brand and be one step ahead?


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