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Durvesh Yadav: The Inspiring Journey of The Brightest Star in The Darkest Night - Writing His Own History

Not everyone has the ability to understand this world the way Mr. Durvesh does. Mr. Durvesh Yadav is a self-made persona who has proved himself by making his dreams and wishes come true! One of a kind, his unique vision puts him ahead of everyone and describes him among those very few people who fight all sorts of odds and ultimately write their own future. Beginning his professional career at a mere age of 18, he soon gained quite an ambition to be on top while studying in college. By now, he has garnered the level of respect that everyone of us dreams.

However, success has always been the child of audacity – the willingness to fight all sorts of friction that pull you down. A brilliant student in the first year of college with a top score of 8.45 CGPA, Mr. Durvesh took to stress having heard the stories of people with excellent CGPAs who got rejected by famous multi-national companies. With a tensed mind, he began to obsess with the thought of such stories and a question popped in his mind that put him into complete depression – will his four-years of education be of any use?   

Thumped and stamped, he remained depressed for 6 straight months and his scores dropped down from 8.45 to 2 CGPA. Depression tore him apart and disturbed him to whole another level. However, when the night seems darkest, the stars begin to shine the brightest. A gradual upliftment through motivational films and books started to pull him out and shower him with beautifully magnificent and unique ideas that were bound to shape not just him but anyone who even gets to know of it. Think and Grow Rich is one book that our protagonist here, Mr. Durvesh suggested us as it helped him through tough times.

Hence, the stars began to shine brightly and an idea popped in his mind – “Why should I rely on companies and read books when I can manifest my own unique path and take the road not taken?” At a young age of 22, ambitious entrepreneur Mr. Durvesh Yadav decided and authored the bestseller, “What They Don’t Teach Us”, a book to assist young people to comprehend what no one teaches them in society, schools, and colleges. He aspired hard and accomplished as the founder of Rising Star Digital Media, a business that provides branding and marketing to help other brands and businesses grow. All through this, he came out of the crowd and shone so differently that he has himself become a star for many.

His book, “What They Don’t Teach Us”, is something he believes in completely. Since its release, it has seen a massive interest of teenagers and as aforementioned, it has become an Amazon top seller. Such is the aroma of Mr. Durvesh that many Bollywood celebrities has come out to support him as well. He has completely changed the orthodox narrative of the life lived by our forefathers for years and transformed the way we think about education system in what and how they teach the young minds of this generation. His vision for an education system comprises of a full transformation from memorizing and spitting out to practical implementation and theoretical enhancement of calibre.

While in School, Mr. Durvesh was an unpopular child who despised the orthodox education system and even flunked his English in 10th standard. Despite all, he kept giving his all to sustain the societal pressures and did very well throughout his school days. Such ups-and-downs have taught him enough to bring out the wisdom from within him and has shaped him into an idol for the world around him. Mr. Durvesh has the spirit to never give up and keep going and not just going but winning!

He believes that “Life is like Google; you get results when and only if you want and search for it.” To conclude, Mr. Durvesh Yadav is an idealist of the sorts uncommon – he envisions and writes history and we have a lot to learn from him. He says, “Do something so that you don’t need a degree to do something.”

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