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Dynamic Influencer Manoj Padaiyachi launches his own Apparel Brand “Belive”

Who isn’t aware of this young and powerful Influencer’s achievements? This time he has added one more feature to his cap. India’s Well-known Influencer and Youth Champion Manoj Padaiyachi has launched his fashion brand, Belive. The brand offers easy-to-wear styles for Youths including sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts, Crop-Tops and much more to the list, with over 200 styles that start at prices of Rs 599 onwards.

Belive Brand carries the vision of Manoj Padaiyachi to deliver something which makes you stand out from the rest.

Speaking on the concept of his Brand, Youth Icon Manoj Padaiyachi said

“The Brand name Belive is taken from the two words “Believe” and “Live”. They say that the secret of having it all starts with believing. When you believe in something, you acknowledge it, you are halfway there, but what after that? Do you live it? Do you take action on whatever you believe?

You need to ‘live’ it, right? You need to be alive. You need to experience it. So, Belive will remove the gap between thinking and taking action. It is the time to live, by wearing what you believe, on your sleeves.”

Speaking on the unique logo of belive and its dual-color, he further added, “ The arrow on the logo is very simple, it denotes onwards and upwards when you start living. The colors blue and yellow speak calmness, energy, and Youthfulness.”

Belive is launched all-over the Nation for all the Men and Women out there. Belive will be available for the US and Europe too. Every garment will be a style statement with motivational and inspirational thoughts, funky statements, and some weird captions by injecting some fun, love, and humor in the Youth’s life. For the release, belive has kept only a few designs and it will increase gradually.

The brand is specially dedicated to the young generation. It is a well-known thing that the youths are highly influenced by this 23-year-old Manoj Padaiyachi, who commands a massive young audience, especially from India.

“BeLive” is going to make you proud of who you are. So we are looking forward to each piece of garment that has a Midas touch of a great thinker.

Manoj is a firm believer to give you what your heart desires and what your mind inspires. Fiercely talented, tough, hard-working and daring Manoj has emerged as a popular face of India’s current Youth Influencers. The sky is the limit when you are going to believe in yourself and start taking action on it. So, wear what you believe and let the world know the real you.

Manoj is a Nation level Youth Champion Awardee. The President of Wealth Foundation, Manoj, has supported and contributed to the government’s social development initiatives. He has influenced the young generation through his content on social media and online blogs. He also writes about Lifestyle and Fitness.

By TIS Staffer
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