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E-book Investing Simplified Encourages Safe Market Investing

Investors see investing in assets as a way of generating more revenue and securing their financial future. Rather than focusing on immediate consumption, investing focuses on the future usage of the assets. In fact, the income from investment vehicles is the primary attraction of investors all around the world. Smart investors analyze the market before purchasing any asset and invest in those vehicles which offer more return at the lowest risk. At the same time, it also involves selling off the assets at the right time at a higher price than the purchase price. So, people interested in wealth creation and income generation cannot deny the importance of investments.

Investing Simplified is a book that offers a glimpse into the world of investment while making people aware of its importance. Saikh Muzzammil Ehsan, being a B.Com graduate from the University of Delhi, is well informed about the various kinds of investment vehicles that exist in the vast investment industry. With a dream to share his knowledge with the people around him, he penned this book which finally came into existence in 2020.

In a time when everyone is striving for financial stability, investment activities can offer an opportunity to reach individual financial goals effortlessly. The returns it provides through long-term assets also support individuals in their old age and retired life. In addition, investment is also an effective way to boost the overall economic growth of the country by allowing capital creation. Investing Simplified informs people about all these important aspects of investment to encourage them in investing in the stock market.

However, in addition to the profitable returns, any investment venture carries a lot of risk factors. Therefore, investors must also pay attention to the investment decisions before making any purchase or sell. Investment Simplifies talks about all those risk factors so that it becomes easier for investors to make investment decisions. As the funds are committed for a longer period of time, it can hugely affect your earning potential. Deployment of larger funds in wrong assets can ruin your financial wealth real quick. So, identifying the degree of risk and determining the firm profitability should top the priority list of any experienced or beginner investor. This organized eBook on the stock market explains all those techniques of risk management which an investor should deploy while analyzing an investment opportunity.   

Saikh wanted his book to be useful to both experienced and newbie investors. This vision of the author has enabled Investing Simplified to stand out from other books on investing. Rather than focusing on complex industry terms and jargon, the eBook deploys simple terms and practical examples to explain complex concepts like investment and the stock market. With Saikh’s careful and practical approach, Investing Simplified has become a comprehensive guide on investing that will encourage all those people who want to share a better future through safe investment activities.          

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