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Edneed is breaking barriers in transforming the teaching ecosystem with its thoughtful concept

Edneed is breaking barriers in transforming the teaching ecosystem with its thoughtful concept

As the education technology industry in India thrives in these unprecedented times, a digital shift is taking place fundamentally in the education system.

Even though the internet has made its inroads on a significant population of our country, it has yet not been able to fully eradicate the gaps in facilitating a seamless teaching experience. Most of the tier 2 and tier 3 schools even lack having a website, which has failed the purpose of digitisation.

Digitisation is a necessity, disguised as a luxury, which comes with a price-tag most schools are unable to afford. This is when platforms such as Edneed come to the rescue for scores of educational institutes and professionals who are struggling to make a mark online.

Edneed provides a robust knowledge sharing platform which is created keeping in mind the needs of an educational institute, its teachers and students. It facilitates the process of adapting to a digital learning experience from a traditional one.

Founded by Saranjeet Singh, fondly known as Sammy, in his early 20’s when he was in Austin, Texas. The edtech startup is based on a revolutionary concept that stuck his mind when he was unable to connect to his teachers back in his hometown, situated on the outskirts of India, because of the lack of basic apparatus such as having a functional website or portal which is a glaring reality of hundreds of schools across India. Saranjeet was driven to change this scenario.

Being the son of a lady who has dedicated her life to teaching, Singh has closely witnessed the struggles in an educator’s life. This motivated him to build a platform to empower teachers and schools through digitisation.

The entire idea of Edneed stems from promoting knowledge sharing and the power of education. Edneed’s tagline - Endless & Beyond, reflects this core idea. The power of education to take an individual beyond all hurdles and opening doors to endless possibilities for them. Incepted in the year 2016, Edneed makes it possible to make an institute’s website in just 120 seconds, with access to features such as online classes, assignments and announcements, all on one platform.

The idea and scope of the edtech platform is so powerful that it has received an FDI funding from H&R Equity firm which is a group of R Wireless. R Wireless CEO, Raj Singh is also an education enthusiast and his goal of spreading knowledge through technology aligned perfectly with Sammy’s.

On Edneed, even private tutors can digitise their institute, increasing their reach by many folds, for free. With such incentives and an empowering platform in place, Edneed is certainly becoming a revolutionary force behind the education mechanism.

Edneed is on a mission to digitise all public and private educational institutes, making them equipped with the right technology to seamlessly conduct online classes, assignments and become a part of a global learning community.

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