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Elev- An e-learning platform for those who intend to learn and excel

Founder Ansh Khattar

Ever since the advancement in technology, the web, and education have combined to give
people the chance to learn new skills. It is very evident that the concept of online learning
has experienced enormous growth in the last decade. Especially post the Pandemic,
people's lives are increasingly focused on online learning as businesses, universities, and
institutions started working remotely, which has increased the demand for online
education. Research has predicted the market for online education to reach $350 billion by
2025 even before the Pandemic, therefore the figures may have changed after examining
the growth effects of COVID-19 on the market. In this scenario, one such ed-tech platform
that garnered immense growth and created a strong foothold in the industry is “Elev” which
is a talent scouting platform.

The platform assists one in honing their abilities in any industry, whether it be as a passion
project, a side job, or a profession. What makes it unique is it just does 't offer the typical
professional courses like other online platforms; rather, it provides a platform to enhance
one’s creative side with courses revolving around beauty, health, fitness, astrology, cookery,
music, and dance. A variety of video lectures, live seminars, and combination exercises
offered here help them in learning. Elev has instructors in a variety of fields who are
enthusiastic and enjoy imparting their knowledge, wisdom, and learning curve to others. As
a result, It offers tutorials, live classes, and other fun ways for an individual to improve their
skills. Elev sought to enhance people's lives by giving them the best teaching and learning
experiences so they can reach their maximum potential. They accomplish this by giving
students access to specific online courses and pairing them with instructors who are
knowledgeable about the sector. Elev aspires to participate in the change in education by
supporting institutions, teachers, and curious students in thriving in a competitive

Team Elev believes that effectively created and delivered online courses may shift the game
in the competitive market of today. Their staff is conscious of the fact that learning is most
successful in a dynamic environment and that the greater educational landscape is
constantly changing. It aims to collaborate with the global education community to assist
student ' achievement by utilizing the knowledge of competent educators and cutting-edge
technology. People adore Elev because it allows them to develop their interests and turn
their passions into careers at the convenience of their current location. They gain practical
experience and information from practitioners and passionate individuals who share their
interests. Reaching your company's full potential is essentially impossible without the
appropriate training.

Talking about their perspective and long-term goal of the brand, the founder of this
innovative platform stated, “Our intent at Elev as an eLearning business is to make
eLearning content is available and inexpensive to enterprises all around the world. Through
the appropriate learning, we hope to enable individuals and organizations to succeed. The
interface of the Elev learning management system is extremely customizable and user-
friendly. With the use of this virtual learning portal, corporations may conduct employee
onboarding, sales training, and management education without incurring the expense of
traditional classroom and training expenses.”

Elev uses the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies to help students and
organizations achieve their objectives. They possess the skills and materials required to offer
students a risk-free and secure online global learning marketplace. The ed-tech platform has
developed engaging and successful courses to help learners achieve their unique goals and
succeed in life thanks to their comprehensive understanding of tailored and advanced
learning demands. Also, It welcomes experts from various skill sets, who can deliver good
knowledge to join and share their knowledge and experience with their audience in the
form of specialized courses. https://elev.co.in/instructor-registration/

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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