Enter Navambar with a brand new song called Chaaya by Navambar

Navambar is back again after a 6 months long break. He is a well established name in the industry for more than 10 Years now. Having played a part in major industry level projects and working with big names such as DIVINE, he is now channelizing his experience and transforming into a great Independent Musician.  Navambar also used to be a part of Hip Hop duo ‘Vibe Dealers’ but now all his focus is on putting out solo music.

He had been trying to find inspiration and drive as he was stuck in a creative block due to what the whole world was going through. During this time, He exchanged beats with a lot of producers. Not only that, He has also cooked numerous collaborations with artists’ all over the country. 2022 is all about fresh music and good vibes.

Navambar says ‘I lost a lot of people in the second wave and honestly putting out music at that time just didn’t feel right to me personally as I was in the right head space. He believes that good music can do more than just moving people. And as a responsible human being and Indie artist, he hopes to put out a lot of positive music and heal the world as an artist.

 “Chaaya” is a track that makes you reminisce of a bittersweet memory that feels like the shadows following you. It’s about that relationship that you know is toxic, but subconsciously, enjoy the pain and still crave love for. It’s one of those experiences which will stay with you forever, but with just one question – was it all an illusion? The soundscape has evolved from the usual Bollywood style love-rap or the loud crass Punjabi Music that we hear these days. This is about expression of love as a writer. The music is melodious and the beats remind the listeners of 90s Hip Hop.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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