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Entrepreneur Milind Pote Receives National Award For His Untiring Social Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

Entrepreneur Milind Pote is recently felicitated by most prestigious Surya Gaurav National Award 2020 for his exemplary contribution in the field of social service to the local community amidst the challenging pandemic times. Coronavirus has affected everyone in various ways. This pandemic has made everyone face the losses they have never imagined; whether it be jobs, lives, food, etc. But even in the toughest times like these, there have been few helping hands working round the clock tirelessly. Just for sake of the betterment of our society, our community. Milind Pote is the helping hand we are talking about. He has won the National award for his untiring and selfless social work during COVID-19 pandemic. Surely deserving. Not only social work but he has always been a great support for small local businesses.

Entrepreneur Milind Pote is a successful businessman from Aurangabad. Started with a small café and now he has chains and a monopoly in quick-service restaurants which people love to dine at. Starting from a small café to this achievement has definitely not been an easy journey but he made his focus crystal clear and achieved his goals. Apart from being a successful and creative businessman, he stood meritorious in the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and several other competitive exams. His innovative ideas have always brought a fresh and productive improvement in the city. He has established the biggest game zone not only in Aurangabad but also in Marathwada region, Game X. His journey is remarkable.

Entrepreneur Milind Pote has always been there to help needy ones no matter what the situation is. He has always supported the small local businesses and he has always been very keen in social service. During the pandemic times, he has helped many people in many ways whether it be providing them food, life essentials or any help required; Pote never said no. Community and society have benefitted a lot from his kind-hearted and selfless social work.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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